Airline Attendants Reveal The Things They First Notices About You

Flight Attendants Reveals The Things They First Notices About Passengers

Airline Attendants Reveal Things They First Notices About Youvia

Airline attendants are more than glorified waiters. These people set the mood for the flight to be pleasant and for passengers to feel safe. These are also the people who give passengers the first assistance when an emergency occurs. In their training period, flight attendants are always taught to be perceptive. Staff on a plane are trained to look at several things when looking at passengers. In doing so, they would ensure the safety of the passenger and everyone else on the plane.

It is mindboggling to know what flight attendants can learn about you simply by greeting you at the door. Therefore, today, we have come up with a list of many things that airline attendants first notice about you. Read on to find out.


1. If You Are Intoxicated


Intoxication is an immediate threat, especially if the passenger turns out to be aggressive. “If a passenger is visibly intoxicated, they can be removed from the flight, so that is something I keep an eye out for,” says one flight attendant. Many flight attendants often remove such people before a flight’s takeoff. The prime reason is they must avoid any conflict that they arise. In addition to that, nobody really wants a drunk ranting for the whole flight.


2. What Clothes You Are Wearing

Airline Attendents

Another foremost thing that a flight attendant would notice is what clothes you are wearing. In a very subtle way, they would scan you from up and down; they do so in order to check your clothing choices. People often wear crazy outfits that are not at all comfy. If you are going to travel soon via the airways, we’d suggest you prefer something relaxing and comfortable.


3. What Shoes You Are Wearing

While it may sound surprising, flight attendants look at what shoes they are wearing. Amy Caris, the flight attendant and director of in-flight for JSX, says, “If I see someone wearing high heels during boarding, I can make a note to add in an emergency command about removing them if the need arises.” Yet again, comfort must peak rather than any sort of fashion statement.

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4. The State Of Your Luggage

Flight Attendent Luggage Passengers

Airline attendants specifically look after the state of your carry-on luggage. Of course, the prime reason is to check if you are adhering to the rules of the plane. While it is already checked beforehand, flight attendants are the last on the line to cross-verify if you are carrying too much carry-on luggage.


5. If You Need Special Assistance Or Attention

Flight Attendent Special Attention Passengers

Whether an infant, an elderly being, or someone with any injury, airline attendants look after them in the best way possible. Sometimes some passengers do need assistance but hesitate to ask for it, and sometimes there are some who don’t have apparent needs but still ask for accommodations. Airline attendants are well-aware of both sorts of people. Nonetheless, they help both of them.


6. Whether You Look Sick

Airline Attendents

The pandemic has ended, but the protocols to follow, especially in the airlines, are a must. If you feel any sickness, then the flight attendants are the first to know about it. They have to ensure the safety of the one who is suffering and the other passengers. Thus they try their level hard to ensure nobody sick is really traveling or is taken care of.


7. The Status Of Your Pet

Another duty that adds to the flight attendants is to keep up with the passengers who are especially traveling with their pets. Airlines attendants will likely ask if everything is fine and well-going if you are traveling with your cat or dog. They also ensure that the pets are inside their carriers for the whole flight.


8. How Fit Are You

Flight Attendent Water Passengers

Your ability to keep yourself and others safe is another important thing that airline attendants notices. They notice every passenger and keep a mental check of those who look fit and who could lend their hand in situations if necessary.


9. How Friendly You Are

Airline Attendent First Thing Notice

Airline attendants are very welcoming and friendly. However, they also notice how friendly the passengers are with them. If you greet the flight attendants with the same enthusiasm, they appreciate that a lot. On the other hand, avoiding eye contact is not at all appealing to them.


10. Whether You Are Distracted

Airline attendants need to know that passengers are not distracted while giving essential airplane instructions. They very easily figure out if you are not paying attention. They also make sure that you are not using your phone and switch it off immediately as per their instructions.

These are some of the many things that airline attendants notice about you when you are on a flight. To have a comfortable and joyous journey, you must adhere to some of the aforementioned points by making a good impression.

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