Zudio: Tata’s Trendy Brand Outshines ‘Westside’ With Stellar Growth In FY24; Details Inside


Zudio, Tata Group‘s budget-friendly clothing brand, is standing out as truly newsworthy with its amazing rise in the fashion world. Since its launch in 2016, Zudio has quickly dominated even the established Tata-owned Westside, turning into a number-one choice among Indian customers.


Explosive Deals And Expansion Of Zudio

Zudio Store

FY24 was a blockbuster year for Zudio. We see that the brand has stormed into 46 new cities and also reinforced its presence in 48 others. The growth is huge for such a brand to capture the Indian market. According to the report shared by them, we see that their stores sold a stunning 90 T-shirts every minute, along with 20 pairs of denim, 19 fragrances, and 17 lipsticks every hour. Therefore this explosive development features Zudio’s triumphant situation of affordability and trendy offerings.


Local Sourcing And Quick Turnaround

Zudio Tata Brand

Zudio’s success lies in its process of obtaining most items locally. This guarantees speedy restocking and new collections raising a ruckus around town quicker than competitors. The brand’s emphasis on accessibility and speed makes clients want more and more.


Zudio’s Growing Footprint

Zudio Growth

In FY24, Zudio opened 203 new stores and revamped 10 existing ones. As per the layouts and designs, every store is somewhat averaged around 10,000 sq ft. Also with an investment of Rs 3-4 crore for every store, covering every necessary cost. This massive development has taken Zudio to 161 cities with 545 stores, far surpassing Westside’s 232 stores in 91 cities.


Impressive Financials

Zudio works under Fiora Hypermarket Limited, a subsidiary of Trent. In FY24, Fiora Hypermarket’s total income rose to Rs 192.33 crore from Rs 187.25 crore the previous year. All the more stunningly, it reported a Total Comprehensive Income of Rs 12.47 crore, a huge turnaround from a loss of Rs 11.98 crore the prior year.


The Road Ahead For Zudio

Zudio Sale

With such extreme popularity and Zudio’s rapid growth, it features its areas of strength in the affordable fashion market. With an unmistakable spotlight on delivering fresh, budget-friendly styles quickly, Zudio is set to succeed with its noteworthy trajectory, reshaping the Indian retail scenario. Thus remain tuned as Zudio’s journey unfurls. Zudio is expected to offer a lot and work on its upcoming trendy, reasonable fashion clothes made available to every corner of India.

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