Discover Mahodiya Village: The Real ‘Gram Phulera’ Where Panchayat Series Was Shot

Real Panchayat Fulera Village Mahodiya

As fans enthusiastically enjoy Panchayat Season 3 of Amazon Prime Video, it’s the ideal time to dive into the captivating village where the series is filmed. While village Phulera could sound familiar, the real location of the shooting is Mahodiya village in Madhya Pradesh’s Sehore district. With a stellar cast including Neena Gupta, Raghubir Yadav, Faisal Malik, Chandan Roy, and Sanvikaa, the series brings village politics and centered issues, humor, and real-life characters.


The Heart Of Panchayat

Phulera Village Panchayat

Panchayat is a cherished comedy-drama that captures the essence of Rural India. The story follows Abhishek Tripathi, played by Jitendra Kumar, an engineering graduate who turns into the Gram Panchayat secretary of Phulera Village. As the fans of this series cherish the drama and the fun it has to offer, fans are also interested to know where exactly the series has been shot. Viewers who are watching Panchayat Season 3 are not only enjoying the drama but also looking towards the actual village life and the intricacies around it. Let us dive deep into the village’s details and beauty where the series was originally filmed.


The Beauty Of Phulera: Mahodiya Village

Mahodiya Village

The village of Gram Phulera from the famous web series Panchayat Season 3 is standing out as truly newsworthy. Everybody is by all accounts referencing Phulera village in their discussions and jokes. While the web series is exceptionally valued, the shooting location is garnering much greater popularity. Despite what many believe, even though there is a real village named Phulera in Rajasthan, a large portion of the plot for this series was shot in Mahodiya village in Sehore, Madhya Pradesh.


The Iconic Locations

Phulera Village

Mahodiya village highlights noticeable locations in the series. Fans can visit Pradhan Ji’s home, the famous water tank, the Panchayat office, the bridge, and the temple. All of these area adds authenticity to the series and offers a brief look into the village life.


Exploring Mahodiya

Mahodiya isn’t only for Panchayat fans. The village flaunts several attractions:

  • Shiva Temple: It is a must-visit and experience to witness the serenity of the renowned Shiva temple over there.
  • Local Markets: Why not considering to wander through the busy markets and clamoring streets to find local art, cuisine, and culture?
  • Nearby Sehore: Just 9.3 km away from the village, Sehore also offers great attractions like Ganesh Mandir, Cenotaphs of Kunwar Chain Singh, All Saint’s Church, and Crescent Water Park.
  • Bhimbetka Rock Shelters: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, located 91.4 km away, is ideally suited for history buffs with its ancient rock art.


Best Time To Visit

Visit Mahodiya during the cooler months from October to March. The weather conditions are wonderful, making it ideal for exploration.


How To Reach Phulera Aka Mahodiya Village

Several ways lead you to explore the hidden gem of Mahodiya village. Find out the best routes for your convenience:

  • By Air: The nearest airport to reach there is Devi Ahilyabai Holkar International Airport which is in Indore. That is approximately 165.6 km away.
  • By Rail: The closest railway station is the Sehore Railway Station which is just around 9.4 km from Mahodiya village.
  • By Road: A comfortable drive in your car or shared taxi from Indore (153.2 km), Bhopal (48.7 km), or Ujjain (152.2 km) will easily get you there.

Mahodiya Village, the true ‘Gram Phulera,’ offers a brilliant blend of on-screen magic and real-life charm. Whether you are a fan of Panchayat or a curious traveller, this village is a worth visit.

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