Reliance Retail Launches Youth-Centric Fashion Brand ‘Yousta’ To Compete With Tata’s Zudio

Yousta Zudio

Reliance Retail launched its youth-centric fashion brand, Yousta. The first store was opened in Hyderabad’s Sarath City Mall. Reliance launched a value apparel format to compete directly with Tata’s Zudio. The landmark group owned Max and Shoppers Stop’s new brand, InTune. The brand range is available on e-commerce platforms AJIO and JioMart. Continue reading to learn more about the newly launched brand.


The Yousta Stores

The Yousta Stores

Reliance boasts about having a contemporary tech-enabled store layout. It promises to provide high fashion at affordable prices, targeting young consumers. Moreover, touch points will enable these stores, including QR-enabled screens for information sharing. It will also include self-checkout counters, complimentary Wi-Fi, and charging stations. Furthermore, this technology integration aligns with the youth’s digital habits and expectations, creating an engaging and efficient shopping environment.

Moreover, this move is set to revolutionize the retail market by catering to the fashion needs of the youth segment while offering contemporary, technology-enabled shopping experiences. Further, the brand recognizes the purchasing power and preferences of the young consumers. The company stated, “All products, for instance, are priced below Rs 999, with a majority of products priced below Rs 499.”


The Official’s Take

Reliance Retail Yousta

President and CEO of Fashion and Lifestyle, Reliance Retail, Akhilesh Prasad said,

“The team will continuously work with India’s younger generation to understand their evolving fashion needs. Everyday, will be ‘Day Onr’ in terms of freshness and relevance. Yousta will not only give a voice to the youth but also give them the freedom to express themselves, because for reliance, they are absolute stars.”

The company added,

“The brand’s commitment to sustainability and local communities is reflected in its stores featuring locally sourced and manufactured products. This not only allows Yousta to offer unique items but also helps it contribute to the growth of local economies and reduce its ecological footprints.”

Yousta is a youth-centric brand. This means that the brand focuses on catering to the fashion needs of the youth. Moreover, the brand provides a unique digitalized experience, creating excitement among consumers. Many people eagerly await the brand to open a franchise in their city. Are you excited to check out the brand? Do you think that the brand would be worth the hype? Do let us know your take in the comment section below. We’re waiting for your response. Stay tuned for further updates.

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