YouTube Vs TikTok: Which One Is Better For Marketing?

YouTube Vs. TikTok

YouTube and TikTok are two highly popular video hosting platforms. Sooner or later, we had to compare them to see which one is better in terms of marketing. TikTok, on the one hand, is a great platform for making short videos and entertaining people on the go. Whereas YouTube is a platform that has been in the social media scene for quite a long time. It is the biggest user-generated content platform in the world. Now, if you look at this as a marketer, you already have your answer. But still, let us see which one is better in the essence of marketing.

Regardless of the platform you use, you need to have an engagement to market your products and services. And the best way to get more YouTube subscribers and Tiktok followers is to buy Tiktok followers from some of the best-trusted sites. Now we will shed some light on that topic. But for now, let’s talk about the fundamental differences between the two.

YouTube, on the one hand, is used to upload content of all shapes and sizes. It also comes with a plethora of categories to search your type of content on. On the other hand, TikTok got its popularity from viral lipsyncing videos, which is not the type of content everybody wants to watch. Also, YouTube has now come up with YouTube shorts that can essentially replace TikTok in the long run because it is another short video platform for mobile users. With that being said, let’s start with the discussion.


1. Watch Time

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Watch time is something that every marketer should consider. Since this is the amount of time, they have to tell a story and convince the customers to purchase. On TikTok, video length can be 30 seconds which is not at all a lot. However, on YouTube, you can create videos as long as you want, but the most effective length of the video is around 10-15 minutes and depends on the type of content you create. On top of that, YouTube gets a total of 100 million hours of watch time every day. It is more than the watch time of Netflix and Amazon Prime combined. So as a marketer, it is a clear choice where to advertise your products based on watch time.


2. Audience

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The next most important thing to consider when you’re trying to market on a platform is the type of audience it has. On TikTok, you will find the majority of the millennials, and the GenZ kids as the app decided to target them from the start. The introduction to short content, because of an already short attention span, makes it very attractive for young people to immerse in. This fuels more than 41 percent of the audience on TikTok. Also, the average demographic age of the audience on TikTok is 16-24, which is young.

On the other hand, YouTube is the granddaddy of the content world. With content for every demographic imaginable, YouTube has gained a lot of success. Hence it gives you a much better opportunity to market. Also, YouTube has more mature content than on TikTok. So it automatically seems more credible as the youth on TikTok does not have much buying power.


3. Accessibility

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TikTok and YouTube both have a lot of trends and challenges going on. Speaking of TikTok first, it is a platform where every day you would be able to see a new challenge because the app makes sure that your content gets decent initial engagement and hence can skyrocket once it has crossed a threshold. This makes people feel that they’ve already juiced a trend for content, and it’s not going to work anymore, so they keep coming up with more. On the other hand, on YouTube, creators have to work a lot to come into the public eye, and hence challenges are long-lived. So as a marketer, tapping into these trends is much easier on YouTube as compared to that on TikTok. Also, since getting engagement is difficult on Facebook, brands would have to work more, but the results are going to be worth it.


4. Credibility And Audience Building

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On TikTok, people that like your content can instantly give you a follow. However, on YouTube, you need to convince them to subscribe to your channel. That is why the value of one YouTube subscriber is much more than the value of one follower. If you can build audience retention on YouTube, then you can be sure that they are going to purchase what you advertise, and that is the sole reason why so many YouTubers have started selling merchandise. On the other hand, on TikTok, every other influence has more than 100k followers, and hence it feels very difficult to get a lot of good customers.


5. Reach


Reach is one thing that TikTok can deliver faster than YouTube. Since there are so many people active on TikTok all the time, it becomes quite easy for people to become discoverable. However, on YouTube, newcomers don’t get rapid success, but if you keep working on your channel, you can soon become popular, and hence YouTube can be a great platform overall. Since already established channels earn revenues from videos they have already put up in the past, it is a great way to advertise and market on YouTube.



Since marketing has become the first nature of social media influencers, it is also the need of the hour. Knowing which platform is better to use is very important. However, everything depends on the type of product you’re trying to sell. If it’s something that can be of interest to the younger generations, TikTok is a better platform. However, if you talk about the overall marketing strength and the numbers, YouTube is unbeatable. YouTube has more users than even Facebook, so it is solely the largest content platform in the world, and since it directly pays creators for their content, it is a great platform to market on.

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