Four Stories Of Men Where Women Played Victim Cards Against Them And Destroyed Their Lives

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Many times women played victim cards, and innocent men paid the price. Recently a video of a girl hitting a cab driver in the middle of the road in Lucknow city Awadh crossing is widely circulated online. This girl broke the mobile phone of the cab driver and is hitting him hard. The innocent cab driver didn’t hit her back or said a word. Maybe he is scared that one word from his mouth is charged against him. Being women and using it as an advantage is not women’s empowerment. The cab driver was heard in the video asking for help and urging people to call the female police. The cab driver was arrested because of the baseless allegations.

When the CCTV footage was analyzed, the truth was revealed. It was shown in the video that the girl is trying to jump the green signal in a risky manner. Now people are demanding to arrest Lucknow girl who harassed the cab driver. A complaint was filed against the girl.

This was not the first incidence when women played the victim cards, and innocent men had to pay the price for something they haven’t done. Here are some of the stories where women played victim cards against men and destroyed their life.


1. Jasleen Kaur Incidence: The Truth Exposed

Jasleen Kaur Case

Jasleen Kaur came into the limelight after an alleged eve-teasing incidence in Delhi. She portrayed herself as the victim, and the world sided with him without knowing the actual truth. Jasleen shared a picture of Sarvjeet Singh on her Facebook account, alleging that he made obscene comments on her. As a result, she is turned into a brave heart girl.


The Truth of Jasleen

The trial for the case goes on for four years in Tis Hazari Court. Jasleen continuously changed her statements, due to which the court refused to believe her testimony. Sarvjeet was released, but who is accountable for the mental trauma he and his family went through.


2. Zomato Delivery Boy Case

Zomato Delivery Boy Case

Bengaluru-based model turned makeup artist Hitesha Chandranee accused Zomato delivery man of assaulting her and hitting her. The food delivery boy Kamraj was arrested. After he was released, Kamraj, with the help of Kannada activists, posted a video of how the woman harassed him and hit him with her slipper because of late delivery. After the video, he gained a lot of support from the people. When Kamraj filed a case, the woman fled from Bengaluru.


3. Rohtak Bus Case

Rohtak Bus Case

On November 28, 2014, a video went viral on social media of two sisters thrashing three boys in a moving bus. The sisters said that the three boys were molesting them, after which they beat them. The boys were arrested but later got bail. The girls were praised a lot across social media. The matter reached court, and after 2 years of investigation, all three men were found not guilty. Witnesses cleared that it was just a quarrel over the seat on the bus. All the allegations were baseless.


4. Boy Committed Suicide Over Rape Allegations

A 17-year-old boy from Gurugram committed suicide after being accused by a girl of s*xual assault on social media. The boy jumped off from the apartment building.

The teenager is said to have taken this step after a girl accused him of molestation through an Instagram post. She posted that the boy attacked her 2 years back, and now she is tired of keeping this a secret.


No Police Complaint Filed By Boy’s Parents

Parents refused to file a complaint. So the police started a suicide inquiry under Section 174 of the Code of Criminal procedure. The lawyer of Manav wants to uncover the truth due to which an innocent boy has to end his life.

These are some of the incidents showing how women used victim cards to defame a person. Defaming someone is not woman empowerment. What are your thoughts on women playing the victim cards? Let us know in the comment section below.

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