Watch: A Lucknow Girl Beats Cab Driver At Signal In Front Of Police; #ArrestLucknowGirl Started Trending After Video Goes Viral

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Many times we see fights on the streets. Everyone starts giving their opinion about who is right or wrong. However, there are always two sides to the story. Therefore, one should not be judgemental before looking at both sides. One such incident happened at the Awadh signal in Lucknow on July 30. A Lucknow girl who was crossing the road suddenly started beating a cab driver.


Lucknow Girl Beats Cab Driver

The video has gone viral in which a girl is seen hitting and slapping a cab driver in the middle of the street in Awadh crossing Lucknow. She has blocked all other vehicles from passing and created a traffic jam. After the video went viral, the netizens were divided into two groups, and #ArrestLucknowGirl started trending on social media.

Traffic police tried to intervene in the matter. However, the girl was kept slapping and beating down the cab driver. A Twitter handle, Megh Updates, shared a video with a caption,

“Viral Video: A Girl Continuously Beating a Man (Driver of Car) at Awadh Crossing, Lucknow, UP and allegedly Damaging his Phone inspite of him asking for Reason.”

In the background, people can be heard saying, “yeh ladki badtameez hai, itte der takk koi ladka ladki ko maarta toh fir log kya karte?”


She Hit Another Man Who Tried To Save Cab Driver

When another man came forward to save the cab driver and tried to stop the woman from hitting the driver anymore, the Lucknow girl even hit him. When asked why she was beating the cab driver, the girl kept saying that his car hit her. In another tweet, one more video was added, and the caption reads,

“Even the Person who came to Save the Cab Driver was Assaulted in these updated Viral Videos. She can be heard saying the Car Hit her.”

A witness has likely recorded the video of the incident. In the video, when the girl was dragging the driver by his collar and beating him, the cab driver came in front of the camera and said, “Aap log mahila police bulaye.” Watch out for the video below.

CCTV Footage Of The Incident

A Lucknow girl alleged that she was hit by a cab while crossing the road. However, if you look at the CCTV footage, the girl can be seen instigating the incident and getting violent and physical. A Lucknow girl has even broken the phone of the cab driver. She could be heard saying that the cab hit her, but another angle of CCTV footage does not show that she was being hit by the cab. Watch the CCTV footage below.


FIR Filed Against Lucknow Girl

According to the TOI reports, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Central (Lucknow), Chiranjeev Nath Sinha said,

“The case has been filed after the man who was slapped lodged a complaint. “In the case of the viral video of a woman slapping a man, we received a complaint from the man today. Based on the complainant, An FIR was filed in Krishna Nagar police station under relevant sections.”

ADCP Central, Chiranjeev Nath Sinha said

“The girl, identified as Priyadarshani Yadav, was going to Awadh crossing on foot when a speeding car whizzed past her, scaring her out of her wits. She raised the alarm after which traffic cops got the vehicle stopped.”

Netizens are divided after the video went viral. Many condemned the girl’s actions, while some pointed out that she acted in self-defense after a cab driver tried to break the traffic signal. Which side are you guys on? Let us know in the comments below.

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