17 Amazing Facts About Tiger ‘The Largest Cat Species’ That You Should Know

Interesting Tiger Facts

July 29 is the special day for the largest cat species. It is celebrated as International Tiger Day annually from the date of creation in 2010. International Tiger Day was created during the Saint Petersburg Tiger Submit held in Russia. It was the first time all 13 tiger range governments came together and committed themselves to double the number of wild tigers by 2022, which is called the TX2 goal.

Through the Global Tiger Initiative, Global Tiger Forum, and other critical platforms, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) set this TX2 goal. In the same year, it was estimated that the population of the tiger is only 3200 individuals, which was about 100000 a century ago. Interestingly this year is very positive for tigers as their numbers are slightly increasing. Maybe tigers are considered the most dangerous but recognizable large cat species for the same. It looks most beautiful with its black and red striped skin. It is endangered species.

Humans are more fascinated by these felines and always wish to learn more interesting facts about tigers. So here are see some of the interesting facts about the tiger.


1. Largest Feline In The World

Amazing Facts About Tiger

The male tiger is the largest and heaviest feline in the world. Its average weight is about 250 kg, and its length from mouth to tail is about 390 cm. It can live up to 25 years and sleep around 18 hours a day. On the other hand, the female is light in weight comparing the male one.


2. Unique Brain

Amazing Facts About Tiger

Comparing all carnivores’ brain tiger has the heaviest one except Polar Bear. It weighs about 300 grams that is equal to the size of a Chimpanzee’s brain. Its memory power is better than humans and other animals. Tiger’s short-term memory power is about thirty times longer than humans.


3. Vision Is Sharp At Night

Amazing Facts About Tiger

The night vision of tigers is up to six times sharper than humans. It is more active at night than day. It is called a nocturnal animal. Tiger hunts at night. It leaves traces on the way while going for hunts at night like odors, droppings, and claw marks on trees.


4. Powerful Legs

Amazing Facts About Tiger

The tiger’s rear legs are longer than their front legs, which helps them to jump forward about 30 feet in one jump. They can also jump up to 5 meters in the air. Hunting tiger can reach a speed of 65 km/hr for short distances. To find prey, it can travel for several tens of kilometers.

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