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If you possess an unwavering passion for the wonderful world of technology, you might be in luck; there are plenty of money-making avenues and opportunities to explore in the form of electronics. From old phones and retro games consoles to DIY inventions and component trading, opportunities are out there for those who seek them out. Here are some great ways to put your knowledge and skillset to the test and start monetizing your enthusiasm for electronics.


Phone Repair

Make Money from Electronics

Knowing your way around a phone’s hardware is a valuable skill, and if you happen to know a bit about circuitry, why not find yourself a soldering iron and start repairing broken phones for resale?

The markup can be immense, as broken handsets sell incredibly cheaply online, and sometimes all they need is a screen replacement! Moreover, great platforms like Octopart can direct you to a vast array of electrical components, enabling you to compare the prices and quickly get hold of replacement parts.

However, this is somewhat of a risky move, as there is no telling the extent of the damage to the handset, so make sure to thoroughly read the descriptions before you buy.


Selling Components

Make Money from Electronics

If you had a few old phones or rare games lying around gathering dust in a drawer, it is worth noting that the inner hardware might be worth more than the device itself.

Selling the individual components could net you more of a profit if you have the time and energy to break down your device properly. Plus, phones often contain precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, so it is worth keeping an eye out for that, as it might fetch a neat price online.


Write About Tech

Make Money from Electronics

What better way to utilize your passion than to share it with the world? If you have a deep understanding of the latest tech and love to get your creativity flowing, writing about it could be a great way to make some money, and you get to talk about what you love.

Tech is a highly sought-after niche, so it might be worth writing a few sample articles or blog posts that you can show off.

There are many blogging success stories online, so it might be worth taking some inspiration from the people who made it big.


Refurbish Your Old Electronics

Make Money from Electronics

Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint, a new case, or a quick polish can turn your old tech into sparkling devices, fresh for resale.

If you have any vintage electronics and you have a steady hand, restoring them might be able to net you a nice profit. Some of the more popular vintage electronics include cameras, classic iPods, typewriters and mechanical keyboards, and retro games consoles like the Super Nintendo, Gameboy Color, Sinclair Spectrum, and the Amstrad are all worth searching the attic for.


Become An Inventor

Make Money from Electronics

It may sound like an impossible fantasy, but if you possess the passion and the tools, why not try inventing your own circuit and build your first electronics empire?

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