WWE Wrestlers And Their Ordinary Jobs Before Coming Into Limelight

John cenavia

9. Sheamus

Job – U2 Bodyguard


Sheamus had the most interesting jobs among all before becoming a WWE Wrestler. He was a Bodyguard for the famous band U2. Before this, he was a bouncer at a bar in Dublin where the leading U2 singer often made visits. One day he was offered a job to become a Bodyguard. Sheamus in his job time made sure no one messed with Bono.


10. Brock Lesnar

Job – Farmer

brock lesnar

If somebody told you this before, you will never relate Brock Lesnar with Farming. His parents owned and operated a dairy farm where Brock along with his sibling worked as a teenager. Brock’s love for farming is so good that he recently bought a house in the farm Saskatchewan. Even now Brock and his family are into farming away from the city lights.


11. Seth Rollins

Job – Waiter

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins knew that he being a trainee for wrestling is going to be a tough job. In the initial days he had to work as a waiter in restaurants to pay his bills and get food. Seth Rollins then landed upon the NXT, his big break proving that nothing is impossible.


12. The Great Khali

Job – Cop

the great khali

The Great Khali, known as Dilip Singh from India  worked as a police officer, the needs of earning a living in the family of seven kids was hard and so he started working at a young age. He started training for WWE alongside his job and became the Great Khali.

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