WWE Wrestlers And Their Ordinary Jobs Before Coming Into Limelight

John cenavia

5. The Miz

Job – Reality Show Personality

The Miz

Miz was among a known name in the reality shows personality before he landed upon his dream job of WWE. His first big break was on the reality show ‘The Real World ‘ in 2001. He was often seen referencing his love for wrestling in the shows even before coming into the WWE world.


6. Kevin Owens

Job – Gas Station Attendant

Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens became a father in his early age before he became a WWE Star. He had to make a living to raise his child so he had to work a job. He started working as a gas station attendant so earn money and also train for Wrestling.


7. Lana

Job – Acting & Dancing

lana wwe

Lana the wife of Rusev didn’t have a hard time before coming to WWE like her husband. She worked as an Actor in Hollywood movies, Background dancing, and other roles. Her biggest break was having a role in Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 before she makes it to the WWE world.


8. Big Show

Job – Bounty Hunter

Big Show

The Big Show has a big body than an average human that’s why his job was different than the rest. One of the most interesting jobs that he did became a Bounty Hunter. He would hunt down criminals using his big strength and take them to the police and he used to get paid for it.

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