12-Year-Old Surat Boy, Son Of Diamond Merchant To Become Jain Monk

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Usually, children are so interested in playing games and will be busy in attending school. But Bhavya Shah, 12-year-old boy from Surat is on his way to become a Jain monk.

Yes. You read it right.

And he said family life is full of sins.

I don’t know who spoiled this child mind that he said family life is full of sins. But our vedas never said that instead it said bind your lust and desire with dharmic system called Marriage. And it also said, a male must get married and have son to perform holy rituals for ancestors, and to perform yagnas.


According to Vedas, we have 4 ashramams, Brahmacharya ashramam (this is practiced when a person is in student phase. He doesn’t concentrate on physical desires. But unfortunately people do crave for this and destroy their career and also lives. Very few can balance that). Second one is grihastha ashramam (where a person gets married and will have children), third one is vanaprastha ashramam (In this parents hand over all responsibilities to their children and come out of all attachments as soon as their children get married ) fourth one is sanyasa ashramam (where a person gets detached from material world. He is not interested in anything just like Ramana maharshi).

In fact the people who are in sanyasa ashramam (monks) depends on people who are in grihastha ashramam (married couple) for food as they must not cook according to Vedas.


These days turning to monks and baba becoming trend and most of them don’t know what it really means. Babas never crave for MLA seat but its happening.

“Family life is full of sins at every step. I have decided to become a monk so that I can keep myself away from sins of this material world. This is my own decision,” said Bhavya.


However, Bhavya Shah is on his way to become a Jain monk. He gives up all elements of a householder life, including emotional attachments to other people, places or things. And the surprising thing is his family fully backs his decision and is in a celebratory mood.

“I am happy to take the path of truth shown by God. I am deserting my mother and father as they taught me that this is the true path. My father and mother would also come on this path one day in future,” said Bhavya Shah.

Bhavya will take diksha which is a ritual of renunciation in the presence of around 400-450 Jain monks and around 7000 people.

Dipesh Shah, father of Bhavya Shah is a diamond merchant and he said, “Our family is extremely happy as Bhavya will take diksha.”

When the father was asked if he is sad that his son would now leave them, then he replied, “No! I am happy. Four years back, my daughter also did the same at the age of 12.”

To celebrate the occasion, the family also organized a road show in Surat on Wednesday wherein Bhavya was seen riding a chariot.

Jain Monk

Monks vow to give up not just material possessions but also all passions or emotions that cause karma. The ceremony starts with the ritual of kesa-loca – ‘pulling out of the hair’ – which indicates indifference to the body. And then they perform the Five Great Vows called maha-vrata.

This is not the first time a young boy from Gujarat has wanted to renounce material life. In 2017, 17-year-old Varshil Shah from Ahmedabad made news when he declared his intention of becoming a Jain monk after scoring 99.9 % percentile marks in his Class 12 examinations.

If that realization of becoming monk comes from higher calling then definitely there is nothing wrong in that. And in this case, they do it silently but not like this publicly as they don’t like even this.

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