Gujarat Class 12 Topper Varshil Shah Turned To Jain Monk Suvirya Maharaj

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Spirituality is something that gives eternal peace and happiness. Not everyone gets realization. It needs high blessings of God. This 17-year-old Varshil Shah is so lucky to have this realization at the very early stage.

You may wonder what is so special!

The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board results were announced on May 27 and Varshil Shah, 17-year-old, a native of Ahmedabad topped it. He scored 99.9 percentile in the Class 12 exam. Usually, if a person scores this much, he/she becomes so ambitious about his/her career. This topper could have become an IAS officer or pursue higher education and live luxurious life.

But NO!

He chose the path that no one takes up even in their old age. He joined his guru in his spiritual quest at an early morning ceremony in Surat.


Varshil Shah, whose initiation ceremony was conducted on Thursday morning, and now a Jain monk, said, "I always wanted to live a good life in peace and happiness but that happiness should have come without me harassing anyone. No one should get hurt by me and I should get endless happiness. I witnessed in Uttarayan how people enjoyed when they got to cut the kites of others. I saw in Diwali people derived happiness at the cost of sleep of birds and animals."


On the eve of the ceremony, Varshil dressed like a groom and wore a gaudy sherwani paired with a turban for the last time as he will no more wear coloured clothes.


Donning a white dhoti and wrap, he joined his guru Kalyan Ratna Vijay. From now on, he will only dress in a white dhoti worn by the members of the Svetambara, or "white clad", sect of Jainism. He will walk bare foot and make all his journeys on foot as well.



His parents Amiben Shah and Jigarbhai, an income-tax officer, are happy with their son's decision. Ahead of his son’s spiritual journey, Jigar K Shah said,

“Right from childhood, he was always inclined towards religion. We knew this would happen, but were not sure when. Even my daughter, Jayani, who is 23 and is studying, is planning to follow in her brother’s footsteps.”


They said, “Varshil was raised in a house that doesn't have a television or a refrigerator. Electricity is used only when it is absolutely necessary as we believe many aquatic animals are killed during power generation, which is against the Jain vow of ahmisa, or non-violence”.


Varshil is not the only one in the family to become a monk. Last year, his brother-in-law’s son became a monk while he was pursuing CA.  Varshil who is now Suvirya Ratna Vijayji Maharaj began his spiritual journey.

There are people who started criticism that the boy was brainwashed shutting doors to good education and brilliant career prospects. But it is his decision and his parents too agreed.

Everyone has the right to live how they want. Isn’t it so?

A deep respect from me towards this boy!

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