This 70 Year Old Woman Is Going Viral For Her Amazing Beauty And Looks

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Everyone takes a lot many precautions by using anti-aging creams to stay young forever. Well, who doesn’t like to look young? Being a grandmother of four, this 70-year-old woman looks so young even today.

Carolyn Hartz, a 70-year-old woman from Australia is giving fitness goals to an entire generation with her ageless features and a stunning bikini body that she has maintained. She amazed millions with her beautiful physique, revealed that her ability to stay off sugar and eat protein has helped her to maintain such great body.

She has taken up lawn tennis while getting closer to the age of 70. She added a lot of walking, eight hours of sleep, meditation and sports to her routine. She does confess to having gone through minor plastic surgery which has led to people calling her fake, but Carolyn is undeterred. 

Her only advice to young people is, “ be happy and see the glass as half full and not worry too much about age”.

These days, nothing is a rocket science. Anything is possible with sheer determination. It is possible to stay young if we follow proper diet and do regular exercise. Among all, staying happy always makes one healthy and young. What do you say? Share us in the comments.

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