Saline Boost To Save A 700-Year Old Banyan Tree In Telangana – Watch Video


Forest Officials are using Saline Drips and Other Chemicals to save world’s second largest tree in the world. Yes, as weird as it may sound but this is right. There is a 700 old banyan tree in Telangana’s Mehboobnagar, known as Peerla Marri is spread in the land of three acres that’s been put on Saline Drips to save it.


700-Year Old Tree

Banyan Tree

The old tree is a spot for tourist visits as it is one of the oldest and largest tree in the world. But just like humans, this tree was getting old and its health was deteriorating. Termites infected the branches of this tree making it hollow from the inside. The roots were getting old so the forest officials stopped tourist visits to save this plant.


Saline Drips For Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree

The forest officials gave chemicals to the tree which didn’t work. They came up with an idea to strengthen this tree with Saline Drips. Chemicals were put in the drips to kill termite and other harmful insects that were killing this tree.


Concrete Floor to Strengthen the Roots

Banyan Tree

The roots of this tree were getting old hence the forest officials put Concrete on the floor to keep the roots intact.


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Did it work?

The Saline Drips were diluted with Chlorpyrifos that was injected into the tree from several places. It somehow seemed to work as the termite infection stopped increasing and the medicine was successful in slaying the termites. The Official of Mehboobnagar Ronald Ross says that he has been keeping an eye on the treatment of this tree on a personal level. It is a part of our heritage and that is why they had to take a serious action towards it. Now the health of this tree is stable and soon the Tourist visits will start again.

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