WWE Wrestlers And Their Ordinary Jobs Before Coming Into Limelight

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Every Wrestler has a story, they weren’t a big name before they came into Wrestling some of them worked really hard to make it to the WWE World. And this fame doesn’t come easy, they while working their paths to WWE had a hard time, These wrestling stars had a side job to practice while also pay the bills. Here’s what these famous Wrestling stars did before coming to WWE.


1. Roman Reigns

Job – Office Furniture Installer

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is a famous WWE star who now is making big billions in the industry. But this stardom didn’t come that easy. Having a failed NFL career Roman Reigns didn’t have a job to make a living. He joined his sister’s company that worked for Office furniture installer. Along with his brothers, Roman worked together assembling furniture in office for his sister’s business.


2. Naomi

Job – Orlando Magic Dancer


You could have made this one out with the “Glow” entrance of Naomi which is an Important part of her whole show. She says that dancing has played a crucial part in my life and has a big hand in making my career as a WWE wrestler.


3. Rusev

Job – Cab Driver


Rusev definitely worked hard to come among the WWE stars. He came to the USA with an aim to become a WWE star but bills foods and training were hard. During the day he used to work as a WWE Trainee and worked as a cab driver at night to earn a living.


4. John Cena

Job – Limo Driver

John Cena

John Cena is another WWE superstar whose ordinary job before becoming a big star will surprise you, he worked as a full-time Limo Driver before becoming a wrestling star. John Cena is a huge fan of cars and had a job related to it before coming into WWE.  Limousine service makes it easier to earn a good amount of money and Cena made a living out of it.

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