10 Hidden Founders Of Worldwide Brands Who Don’t Crave For Fame

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6. Laсoste — René Lacoste


This worldwide famous brand was created by a French tennis player. Rene founded a company that made shirts for tennis, golf and sailing in 1933.

People played tennis in long-sleeved shirts in the 1920’s. In 1926, tennis player René Lacoste sewed a short-sleeved shirt for one of the tournaments which he sewed it himself. Rene had a nickname “alligator”. So, a small crocodile appeared on the shirt which became the logo of the company.


7. Google — Larry Page And Sergey Brin


In 1998, 2 students from Stanford University — Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded a company and registered the domain. The name Google was made from the English world googol that means a number with 100 zeros. Now we use this search engine every day.


8. Instagram — Kevin Systrom


A Stanford University student Kevin Systrom loves photography so much that he even went to Florence once to find out more about this art. A teacher showed him a Holga camera that made square photos in retro style.

Later, Kevin and Mike Krieger started developing their own photo service. They wanted to make something unique but simple to use. Two years after the launch of the application, Facebook bought it for $1 billion. Whether you accept it or not, Instagram has become something more than just an application.


9. Lego — Ole Kirk Christiansen


In the 1930s, Ole Kirk opened a company that made ironing boards and ladders, but he soon started making wooden toys. In 1947, the toys became plastic and had special parts that allowed children to connect them together. Ole died when he was 66 years old and his 4 sons inherited the company.


10. Ferrero — Michele Ferrero


Michele inherited a family business creating a chocolate paste with nuts in 1957. He created Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs as he figured that kids liked chocolate and parents made them drink milk so he combined these products. He improved the recipe of chocolate spread and gave it a more recognizable name Nutella.

Michele noticed that American women cared about their weight and wanted to make a good impression. So, he created the famous Tic Tac which only has 2 calories only for them.

Michele died at the age of 89, leaving his children the brand that people all around the world love today.

It’s true that “Necessity is the mother of invention”. However, getting an idea is not just enough, one needs to have self-motivation and self-confidence to make that idea alive. No one can become successful in overnight. One needs to face several struggles throughout the journey. And good things come to those who wait.

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