10 Hidden Founders Of Worldwide Brands Who Don’t Crave For Fame

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People always crave for TWO things. One is money and the second one is fame.

Some people go to any extent to fulfill these two. And we see in newspapers regularly that people doing wrong deeds to earn money.

However, there are some founders of famous brands never craved for fame. Yes, they can’t be seen on magazine covers just like other founders.

Today we would like to share those hidden famous founders with you.

1. ZARA — Amancio Ortega


Amancio started making nightgowns and bathrobes with his wife right in their living room in 70’s. Once, their German partner declined a huge order. So, they decided to sell clothes on their own and opened their first store in 1975 in La Coruña, Spain.

The business went very well that the company decided to follow the concept of instant fashion. Later, the company was renamed to Inditex and opened new clothing stores.


2. Nike — Phil Knight


The ideas usually come when you need something but are not available. Young Phil Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman both loved running. However, they didn’t like the quality of the running shoes that were sold in the US in the 60s.

So, they created the Blue Ribbon Sports company to sell Japanese sneakers in the US.

Over time, Phil and Bill decided to create their own brand of sneakers. The company got its official name, Nike, and their famous logo in 1978. However, Knight didn’t like the word Nike, he wanted to name the company something else.


3. Starbucks — Howard Schultz


In 1971, Starbucks was opened as a store that sold coffee beans and equipment in Seattle. When the company was bought by Howard Schultz in 1987 (the owner of Il Giornale), the place finally started to turn into a real coffee shop.

Howard was inspired by the atmosphere of Italian espresso bars and he made the espresso-based beverages popular in the US.


4. Pandora — Per Enevoldsen And Winnie Enevoldsen


The Enevoldsen family opened a small jewelry store in Copenhagen in 1982. They imported jewelry from Thailand and sold it. By 1987, they decided to create jewelry of their own design. But it took more than 10 years before Pandora became famous. The Enevoldsen family are one of the richest people in Denmark.


5. Hard Rock Cafe — Isaac Tigrett And Peter Morton


In 1969, when the musicians from The Doors were recording the album Morrison Hotel, they accidentally came across a diner named Hard Rock Cafe, and their album was exactly in this music style. They made a few pictures in this cafe and then put the photos on the back side of the album cover. A year later, 2 Englishmen asked them to open a cafe in London named Hard Rock Cafe. And soon the cafe also started developing really fast.

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