The Unexpected Effect Of Playing Table Tennis Everyday

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I know you have not thought about playing table tennis since your vacation is over.

Table tennis is a very good sport but most people don’t engage in it on a regular basis. Recently, clubhouses and bars have sprung up to reignite people’s love for table tennis and prove that, it is actually more than a fun sport.

If you think that ping pong is only for fun, it means you’ve not discovered the physical, emotional, and cerebral effects attached to playing it every day.

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After going through these benefits, I hope you’ll start looking for the Best Ping Pong Equipment in the market and purchase one for yourself.

Some of the unexpected effects of playing table tennis every day are:


Develops Mental Acuity

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Professional players of this game are highly skilled in creating and solving puzzles involving speed, spin, and placement, because of the development of their mental acuity.


It Burns Calories

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You can also burn a good amount of fat by playing ping pong every day. The fact that the sport is so addictive and entertaining, can be an easy way to burn calories.


Improves Hand-Eye Coordination


Playing table tennis every day improves concentration, mental alertness, and tactical strategy. Young players can sharpen their reflexes while older ones refine their tactics.


It’s Social

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This game offers an opportunity to establish and build relationships, whether you play it in the club or at home with friends. Young and old people can meet and interact thereby improving communication.


Easy On The Joints

Playing table tennis helps to relieve certain parts of the body such as the knee, back, and ankle from pains and injury, and gives core strength to those part without overtaxing your joints.


Improves Reflexes

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Due to the fast-paced, short distance movement involved in playing this game, both gross and fine muscle movements are improved.


Keeps The Brain Sharp

There are certified reports of an increase in motor skills and cognitive awareness from playing table tennis. It also helps increase blood flow to the brain and prevents dementia.


Improves Balance

The ability to change direction quickly and stay balanced at the same time, are the determinants of success in the ping pong game.


Improves Coordination

Following the ball trajectory quickly as it moves towards you and in different directions helps improve coordination.


Improves Focus On Children

Children having problems with paying attention or focus can benefit from this game if played always. It helps develop the ability to maintain focus in children.


Teaches To Accept Winning Or Defeat

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The zeal to win your opponent in the game can cause adrenalin rush. Losing in the game helps you get better and plan a strategy to win next time. This makes you learn good sportsmanship.


It Improves Relationship

This one-on-one game is a great way to bond and improve the relationship between couples. When couples play it together, it puts them in a place where they have to work as a team to solve a problem. This advances into their interaction with each other and how they resolve disagreements.

These are the many effects of playing table tennis or ping pong game every day as it provides a great way to get moving. Your health will certainly improve and prevent the onset of Alzheimer.

Praneet Samaiya
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