Expensive Smart Phones Even The Super Rich Think Twice Before Buying

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There will not be any person who doesn’t use Smartphones. In the 1990s, only very few who were rich could buy the phone. And now, people forgot about normal phones. Everyone even the one who doesn’t know anything about technology is also using Smartphone.

The cost of Smartphone has decreased so much that it became available even to a financially poor person. But there are expensive smartphones even the super-rich will think twice before buying.


With the launch of the 256GB variant of the iPhone X, Apple breached the Rs 1 lakh mark in India which was considered to be one of the most expensive smartphones of all times.

However, there are smartphones that cost way more than the iPhone X.  Here are the 10 most expensive smartphones in the world.


1. The Diamond Crypto – Rs 8.97 crore


If you are the one who takes security way too seriously, then this is for you. Financially super-rich who wants to stay disconnected securely only rely on encrypted voice and SMS communication. And for those the Diamond Crypto could make sense. The spec-sheet offers Windows CE operating system and Motorola MX21 processor! But then the entire device is encrypted.


2. VIPN Black Diamond – Rs 2.07 crore


This VIPN Black Diamond costs $300,000 which roughly translates to Rs 2.07 crore. The price is because of the diamonds.


3. Savelli Champagne Diamond – Rs 39.36 lakh


This mobile has 18 carats rose gold shell with 395 white and cognac diamonds run Android. It offers customized services.


4. Sirin Solarin – Rs. 9 lakh


The company claims that this phone offers the utmost privacy to the users. It runs an older Android Lollipop OS.


5. Goldvish Eclipse – Magic Onyx Alligator – Rs 5.5 lakh


The Goldvish Eclipse – Magic Onyx Alligator costs $7,965 that runs Android and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The price is because of the black alligator leather on the phone.

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