10 Tough Questions That Don’t Have An Answer – Try If You Can Answer

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There are many mysteries in this world which are unsolved. Scientists and some enthusiasts always try their best to solve those mysteries. However, not every question has an answer in this universe. Yes. If you are free then try thinking of these questions and find an answer. It will be a good time pass too.

Here are some of the tough questions which don’t have an answer.

1. Why Does A Round Pizza Come In A Square Box?



2. Why Is It Said That An Alarm Clock Is Going Off When Really Its Coming On?



3. How Come People Tell You Not To Stand In Front Of An Emergency Exit When If There Was An Emergency Surely You Would Run Through It?



4. Why Do We Drive On The Parkway And Park On The Driveway?



5. If You Fart And Burp At The Same Time Would It Make A Vacuum In Your Tummy?

Pavani Bharathula
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