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The sophisticated bride, the romantic bride, the vintage bride, the fashionista bride, the sexy bride, the bohemian bride… Ever since you were a little girl you have probably imagined how you will look on your wedding day and although you had no idea who your husband will be, you knew exactly what you liked and what was never going to be in the picture. If you have always wanted a winter wedding and now you are getting married during this magical, snowy season, you are most likely worried that taking photos might be a little bit complicated if you can’t stop shivering. Not to worry, there are so many wedding accessories that will elevate your look and help you stay warm, just as there are those that will help you look like a princess from a winter fairytale. If you are wondering how you will complete your bridal look, here are several ideas that you may like.


Some Type Of Jacket

Wedding Accessories

If temperatures are going to be below zero on your wedding day, going out to take pictures with your new husband in your strapless gown might not be a great idea, unless getting pneumonia is on your to-do list. Instead of trying to look like a tough woman and pretending that you are not freezing, opt for a jacket that will go great with your dress as well as keep you warm. If you are going for that classy, traditional look a stylish faux fur coat will play the part perfectly. In case you want an edgier contrast, feel free to show your wild side with a leather jacket. Even a pastel ski jacket can look great in the pictures, especially if it is a really snowy day.


Shiny Jewelry

Wedding Accessories

Like they say in ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’, you need to frost yourself! Although in this movie they do it with diamonds, you can opt for brilliant gemstones and go with earrings and a necklace with moonstone rose quartz or raw crystals from Moon Magic. Although you shouldn’t go overboard and look like a walking Christmas tree, you should definitely add some sparkle to your outfit.


A Cozy Fur Stole

Whether you are going for the vintage look, romantic one or you are just looking for an accessory that screams elegance, a fur stole is everything you need. This item won’t cover up too much of your gorgeous wedding dress and will keep your arms from becoming your something blue.


A Long Cape

Wedding Accessories

If you want to look like a queen on your big day, a long cape is the perfect wedding accessory for you. It will help you stay warm during the photoshoot and it will definitely add a ‘wow’ effect to your wedding pictures. If you manage to take them in front of an old castle, you will definitely have amazing photos you will gladly frame and hang up on the wall.


Warm Mittens

Wedding Accessories

After spending an hour in the cold holding your bouquet, your maid of honor will probably need to use a chisel to take it out of your frozen hands. Instead of torturing yourself, wear a pair of stylish mittens or glows. You can even get the same ones for your bridesmaids and make them the focal point of several wedding pictures.


Wintery Hair Accessories

There are so many amazing hair accessories for winter brides, such as a headpiece with pinecones, a winter flower crown or a snowflake hair clip. Regardless of whether you are going with a classy bun or you want to have romantic curls, you can easily find a cute accessory that will perfectly fit your hairstyle.

As a winter bride, you have so many options when it comes to accessories, and the best thing about them is that they are not just gorgeous, they are practical as well. Therefore, have your pick and we are positive that you will look absolutely breathtaking on your big day.

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