These Are The Four Tips To Host The Perfect BoHo Wedding

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So, you intend to host a bohemian wedding. In fact, you hope your BoHo wedding is such a success that it rivals Poppy Delevinge’s. But let’s not get too crazy, okay?

More than likely, you aren’t going to travel halfway around the world to get married to your better half. But if you’re looking to have a bohemian themed wedding close to home, then we definitely have some tips to help your celebration go off without a hitch.

You may end up looking everywhere for the perfect wedding dress but you should see Azazie for more options if you haven’t had any luck thus far. Or you may feel overwhelmed because you’ve never hosted or even been to this type of wedding before and it has you on edge. It’s time to relieve the pressure and pay attention to the tips we’re about to share BoHo.


1. Use Local Accommodations

Boho Wedding Tips

One of the cool things about planning an inexpensive wedding in the bohemian style is you have an opportunity to support local businesses right in your community. Bohemian grooms and brides use local caterers to serve wedding food that you wouldn’t find at a typical traditional wedding.

You’ll also benefit from hiring local event planners, local photographers, florists, and other members of the community. Not only will they provide you excellent discounts to make it possible to have an affordable wedding, but they’ll also take care of you because you are a member of the community.

A BoHo wedding is all about having a carefree vibe. So keep your wedding casual, maybe have it outdoors, and serve buffet-style food for your guests to enjoy. You can have a barbecue, Cajun, Chinese, Japanese, Szechuan, or anything else your heart desires.


2. Skip The Professional Floral Arrangements And Pick Wildflowers Instead

Boho Wedding Tips

To really pull off a bohemian wedding, you need to forgo the beautiful and perfect floral arrangements that you’d typically get with a florist. Instead, you can pick your own wildflowers and create amazingly imperfect yet stunningly beautiful BoHo creations.

This may seem a little out in the left-field to some of you, but if you truly want a bohemian celebration then this is a good way to get started. You can collect different shaped bottles and fill them up with grasses, flowers, roses, and any other type of wildflower your heart desires.


3. Mix Up Your Plates, Silverware, Chairs, Tables And More

Boho Wedding Tips

Having perfectly matching pristine silverware, dishes, cups, and glasses is the right choice for a traditional wedding. But you have to approach things differently when it comes to a bohemian wedding because your decor is there to make a statement.

Combine different colors and styles with everything. Have multicolored chairs for colorful tables and lots of varying colored cushions. You can also choose various linen chair covers. This will really add to the style and make it look completely BoHo chic.

Different patterns, different silverware, different wine glasses, and mismatched everything will look absolutely amazing during your wedding. It may seem a little crazy on the surface but once you see this mishmash all together you’ll be incredibly impressed.


4. Consider A Nontraditional Wedding Venue

Boho Wedding Tips

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a bohemian wedding if there wasn’t a nontraditional venue. Consider having your wedding in somebody’s backyard, or on a private estate, or on a farm or ranch, a warehouse or loft, a vineyard, or anywhere else that you would never think to host a wedding.

By choosing nontraditional you are definitely creating a bohemian wedding. And since that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get with a venue like this.


Final Thoughts

Hosting a BoHo wedding might seem difficult and scary on the surface but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, this can be an incredibly fun, unique, and different experience for many of your wedding guests. So use the tips we’ve shared today and host an amazing bohemian wedding that everybody seems to love!

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