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9 Expert Wedding Tips To Arrange Your Wedding In 30 Days




Love is the feeling of attraction, infatuation and satisfaction combined together in a perfect mix. And wedding is what it takes to seal that love. And having found your lady love, it must be very hard to wait for your wedding. Ask some of the wedding vendors, and they will tell you a staggering amount coupled with an year to prepare for the wedding.  An year for wedding! That's too much, considering most of us are in the habit of preparing everything one day before, something developed during college semesters.

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Well, not to worry. We got you covered. Here we are with 9 wedding tips mentioned below, which would take just 30 days to successfully pull off your wedding. Something to cheer for to be couples-


1. Hire A Professional Wedding Planner

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The first and the foremost thing to do. A professional wedding planner is going to save you a lot of time and money. Whether it’s finding trustworthy suppliers, setting the budget or easing the family tensions, a wedding professional is always going to come in handy. Because it's your wedding and you deserve the best. There are many sites on the web which let you hire such professionals online.


2. Fix The Budget

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We all know that weddings are a costly affair, and it might take rs 20 lakhs or more for your dream wedding vision to become a reality. So, decide the budget beforehand, as to who has to spend on what and how much. As the wedding preparations are to be done over a shorter span of time, this step becomes crucial as no one would like to spend more than their means. Decide over a budget which is agreed by one and all and within everyone's means.


3. Decide The Venue

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Considering that wedding venues are pre booked months in advance, choosing a venue ASAP and booking seems like to be given greater priority than your wedding dress. Choose a location which is under the budget with nice ambiance and service.


4. Finalise The Guest-list

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The venue must be kept in mind before inviting the guests. And then the budget. Not all guests invited come to attend the wedding. And if it's a destination wedding, prefer calling only those family members and friends who are quite close to you. And if it's a normal venue, go for as many guests as you can, but under the budget, starting from the closest ones. Just try not to miss anyone important on the list, who knows he/she might have the perfect gift for your wedding.


5. Spread The Word

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Conveying details of the wedding like venue, functions, etc. to all your guests is quite a tedious task. There are chances some guests might be missed, and an upset guest would be last thing you would want to happen. So ask your planner to create a website for you and handle the emails. Thus, it will be much easier to convey details to a guest, with your task reduced to a fraction.


6. Book Your Photographer And Videographer

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Wedding preparations might take some time but the wedding itself goes very fast, with so many events, particularly for the couple to be married. So better it is to hire a professional photographer and videographer so that later on, you could remember your wedding with a video and pictures from that day.


7. Finalising Other Vendors

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If you have not booked a wedding planner, then you might have to finalise vendors such as bakers, makeup artists, florists, caterers, etc. So it's actually better to hire a wedding planner.


8. Entertainment!


Wedding without entertainment look a bit pale and not so interesting. To fill the guests with zeal and vigour, arrange for a reputed DJ who could make people dance till the wee hours (do take care of timing allowed for DJ). And hiring an artist would be icing on a cake. Your wedding planner must be having some good contacts, better ask for his help in booking the artist.


9. Shopping

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Finally, it's shopping time. The most interesting part. Buy everything from your suit to lehenga and jewellery to perfectly tailoring all the clothes up. This would save you from last minute hassles, and make your wedding way smoother.

So what are you waiting for? Start preparing, finalise your dates and be "Happily Married Together". Good luck!

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