These 10 Are The Most Amazing Swimming Pools For All Swim Lovers

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Whenever we crave for recreation, the first thing that comes in the mind is beach, swimming pools. But why every time, the normal ones, Why not strange and unique ones to have an enthralling experience.

Here are the strange swimming pools to dive in.


1. Blue Lagoon Geo Thermal Spa – Grindavik, Iceland

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The strange thing about this pool is, it is fed by super heated water vented from the ground near a lava flow. Water is heated naturally beneath the earth’s surface. Some people believe it has healing powers to cure skin diseases like Psoriasis.


2. Golden Nugget – Las Vegas, Nevada

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You may get a scariest feeling, if you go for swim in this pool. It is because; you will get a feeling of swimming with sharks. Just relax; there is a glass between you and shark. The pool actually wraps around a giant tank for marine life.


3. Rangali Island – Maldives

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Wanna relax on top of the ocean? This particular pool is designed to dissolve the edges of the pool leaves you with a feeling of floating on top of the ocean.


4. Ubud Hanging Gardens – Bali, Indonesia

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The swimming pool is as high as valley gives you a fantastic scenic view as well as swimming experience. Just below to this pool, you will find another swimming pool giving you with two exotic choices.


5. Umaid Bhavan Palace Zodiac pool – India

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The part of the palace was turned into a hotel. The pool is housed in the palace itself which is covered in gold tiles with twelve zodiac signs painted on the bottom.


6. SkyPark At The Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

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The pool is likely 55 stories up, where the water flows over the edge and back into pool.


7. Devil’s pool – Victoria Falls, Southern Africa


It’s one of the scariest pools, may be this is why it is called devil’s pool. You can look the Falls of Zambezi River where thousands of gallons of water plunge into gorge. However, there is a protective rock wall which prevents the river from pulling swimmers over the edge. But for the first time visitors, jumping in gives a horrific experience.


8. Pamukkalae Pools – Turkey

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The pool is surrounded by white terraces where white calcium and limestone deposits acts like shelves buried in the water. It gives you a breathtaking experience.


9. Nemo 33 – Brussles, Belgium

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It is the deepest indoor pool at 108ft. you can find underwater caves gives you a thrilling experience. The pool stays at a constant warm temperature 96 degree Fahrenheit.


10. Bioluminescent Bay – Puerto Rico

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When you go for swim, a trail of blue light follows you where ever you go giving you a freaky experience. No devil and nothing to fear. The abundance of single-cell organisms which are 720000 per gallon of water gives this glowing color when they are agitated.

Really strange and fascinating these swimming pools !! Aren't you planning the trip?

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