6 Awkward Wedding Photographers Mistake That Every One Makes

wedding photographers mistake

Wedding photographers are one of the most important vendors at a wedding. And especially in today’s time where everything is widely documented, a photographer is a must!

But a lot of time it is difficult to determine who is a professional and who is an amateur. And nobody would want to hire a pseudo photographer because it is their special day to be captured; everybody would want to hire professional photographers like best wedding photographers in Delhi.

To help you with this, we have listed six awkward mistakes that the wedding photographers make!


1. Undecided Theme

wedding photographers mistake

The biggest mistake any photographer can make is not deciding on a theme. Especially when the photographer is a wedding cameraman. It is very important to choose a theme because you cannot aimlessly roam around with the camera without knowing the concept you will have to capture.

Whether you are aiming for candid shots, black and white portraiture or documentary style of photography, you must have a theme in mind. A theme helps to explain and capture the subject accurately.


2. Running After An Expensive Camera

wedding photographers mistake

A lot of amateur photographers think that running after expensive cameras is the reason for a good photoshoot. What they forget it, that for an artist, his skills are more important than his supplies.

If art was so subjective to the supplies, then the experience of all the veterans would be a waste. Rather than running behind updated models of cameras or expensive lenses, a photographer should spend his/her utmost time with the camera and practice.

Practice will definitely make him/her perfect, but the types of equipment can’t guarantee.


3. Incorrect Framing Of The Subject

wedding photographers mistake

Another big mistake that a photographer makes is the incorrect framing of his subjects. It might sound very vague and useless but honestly, it makes a lot of difference in all the visual arts.

And when you are clicking the wedding photographs, don’t you think the framing of the portraiture style of photography should be kept in mind? The photographer should keep the golden ration in mind; it would help him a lot in terms of portraying the couple or the subjects effectively.


4. Bad Editing Skills

wedding photographers mistake

The next thing that can nullify all the skillful photography is bad editing skill. Just like determining good framing of the subjects, editing skills play an important role.

Photography is visual imagery of the actual life, so it needs to be done and edited with utmost precision. Nobody would like to hire a photographer who edits photographs in an imbalanced way.

So, a photographer should spend some money on the professional editing courses. It can be considered as a good investment.


5. The Over-Candid Effect

wedding photographers mistake

Clicking candid pictures was a widely popular internet photography trend. Candid photography is clicking people without their knowledge, here, they are captured in their natural pose rather than an enforced one.

But making the whole wedding album just a collection of wedding photography is not a good thing. The obsession with candid photography is understandable because it captures all the actual emotions but still, a bit of experimentation with other themes can bring some freshness.



wedding photographers mistake

Last but not least is the compatibility of photography with the clients. A wedding photographer captures the intimacy of the couple and the warmth of the relatives in a wedding.

Moreover, he or she has to spend most of his/her time sticking around the bride, groom, family, and friends, so he must try his best to build a compatible relationship with his clients. This small bonding will help him or her to capture the wedding more easily and meet up all the expectations of the wedding couple.

We hope all the photographers reading this won’t make these silly mistakes and the hosts will choose a photographer on the basis of these pointers!

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Praneet Samaiya
the authorPraneet Samaiya