Impressive Stats About New Thermostat Technology


The first air conditioning unit was actually invented by Ancient Greeks, but it wasn’t until 1620 that the first mercury thermostat was invented, allowing people to accurately measure the temperature of the air surrounding them. In the hundreds of years since humans have continued to work on monitoring and controlling our environments to increase comfort and support health and wellness. These days, almost every home has a heating and/or cooling system of some kind and, with today’s smart technology, it’s becoming even easier to regulate our surroundings.


In 2007, Stuart Lombard invented Ecobee, one of the first smart thermostats to hit the market. Just a couple of years later, mega tech company Apple released their own smart thermostat — and smart thermostat technology has been on the rise ever since. In fact, it’s anticipated that over 70% of consumers will have a smart thermostat in their home within the next five years. So there’s no doubt that if you go shopping for one today, you’ll have plenty of options. All of the smart thermostats on the market lay claim to a number of different benefits.


From increased energy savings to improved comfort overall, smart thermostats are truly innovative and advantageous additions to any home. That’s why Custom Air and Plumbing offers installation of these smart solutions across Florida! Just have a look at this infographic which shows some interesting history behind the thermostat and multiple compelling reasons to add a modern smart thermostat to your own home.

The technology is striding with a lightning-fast pace and technically proves “the future is now”. Here we have a list of few gadgets that will make you feel the future now.

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Anushka Jain
the authorAnushka Jain