This Is How To Wash A Hat In The Washing Machine

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Many of us love wearing hats. Hats do not just add on to the personality of the person but it also provides the needed shade against the odd weather. In recent time, the trend of wearing a hat and a cap has become popular amongst the people.

However, no matter how much we love wearing hats, most of us are still not aware of the right procedure or process of washing them in the washing machine. Many people hand wash their hats and caps, which is a great thing, but sometimes it doesn’t deliver the expected results. Isn’t it?

Are you too one of them who hand-wash your hat? Have you ever thought of washing it in your washing machine? Yes, it is possible. You can wash your hats in your washing machine and that too quite easily. Moreover, washing your hats in the washing machine will thoroughly clean them and will keep them hygienic as well.

If you are interested in knowing all the details of machine washing your hat, then you are in the right place. Let us have a look at the essential information needed and followed for keeping your hats clean.


Why Is It Essential To Wash Your Hat?

Keeping your favorite hat or cap in its best form – all cleaned and fresh is not always an easy task to do. You need to put in some of your efforts and patience. Be sure that you have enough time to clean your hat.

Your body oils, sweat, and the external environment are some of the reasons why your hat needs to be cleaned regularly. The regular contact of your hat with your skin, scalp and all the other mentioned factors makes it dirty and greasy and as a result, it requires its thorough cleaning.

Also, this goes without saying that you can use a thoroughly cleaned hat for the maximum time without any hassles. We are sure you don’t want to risk your favorite hat.


Washing Hat In The Washing Machine

Washing hat in washing machine

The best way to be sure that your hat is cleaned thoroughly is to wash it in the washing machine. Now, before you just simply put your hat in the machine for washing, let us make you familiar with the exact process of using your washing machine for cleaning your hats.

Washing the hats directly in the machine can damage their shape and quality. You may sometimes get a shrink hat if you directly put them in the washing machine for a wash. This is because your hats are sensitive for a direct machine wash. Therefore, you need to take special care of the hats/caps while putting them in the machines.

The best and the easiest way to use your washing machines for cleaning your hat is by using a cap cage or hat cage. This is the cage which preserves the shape and style of your hat while they are being washed.

Washing hat in washing machine

Now, how to use a hat cage for washing your hats? Well, let us have a look at the same:

  1. Take a laundry bag and put all the hats in that bag. Make sure that your chosen laundry bag is machine washable so that it won’t create a problem in the overall washing process
  2. Have a decent load in the laundry bag for washing. Generally, the laundry bags used for washing hats are under-weight and thus are not used properly. To avoid this problem, you can add some of the other clothes of the same color in the laundry bag; but be sure that they don’t spoil the quality of the hat.
  3. Now, fill the washtub with cold water for washing the hats. Be sure of using only cold water to wash your hats; using hot water can degrade the quality of the hat and will also not result in thorough washing of the hat.
  4. Now add the accurate quantity of detergent in the washtub. Make sure to add adequate detergent quantity as adding too much of the quantity can harm the hats. Likewise, adding too little of detergent quantity will leave your hat dirty and stained.
  5. Once you are done adding the right amount of detergent, wash your hats using a gentle wash cycle. Do not be harsh on your hats during the wash
  6. After the wash cycle is complete, allow the hats to get rinsed with normal water for some time. If you have a semi-automatic machine, you need to transfer the hats from the washtub to rinse tub and then rinse them for about 5-10 minutes only
  7. Once the rinse cycle is completed, take out the laundry bag and allow it to get air dry. Let the caps be in the laundry bag for some time before taking them out.
  8. After some time, take your hats out of the laundry bad and allow it to air dry completely and individually. Make sure to give enough time to your hat to get completely dry before using it again.

Now, before you think about the need to air dry your hat, let us clear the air for you.

Air drying the cap allows retaining and maintaining its original shape in the best possible manner without any extra efforts needed. You can preserve your hat’s quality and shape even after its washing in the machine.



Hats are a delicate item to wash and as a result, they require special care and attention during the wash. Do not be too harsh on your hats while washing them – a gentle wash can do all the needful for a thoroughly cleaned hat. Being simple and gentle is all that takes to wash your hats and to get the best results.

If you need any other information or details about using a washing machine for cleaning your hats, then please do write to us. We will provide you with the needed information about the same which will make the entire process very easy and convenient for you. We are always available to help you in the best possible manner.

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