14 Year Old School Boy Makes A Homemade Washing Machine At A Cheap Price


The 14-year-old Darshan’s mother often fell ill because of washing clothes. Sometimes she suffers from joint pain and viral fever. Darshan, on seeing the discomfort his mother was facing, was motivated to make an ingenious Washing Machine to help his mother with her laundry.

Cycle washing machine made by school boy

Darshan, the 14-year-old son of a motorcycle mehanic, had made a washing machine from old scrap items. The total cost for making the whole contraption was just around Rs.1700. This unique machine requires no electricity because you can just peddle the cycle and the clothes will wash themselves.

Cycle washing machine made by school boy

Darshan mentions the following during an interview, “We have a family of 6 people, and the mother only clothes everyone, often she fell sick due to the washing of clothes, from there I got the idea of making it.” Also, Darshan is just an 8th standard student. He said he had the idea for the washing machine and good knowledge about its working but due to no money, he couldn’t make one.

Cycle washing machine made by school boy

He had mentioned this to his teachers who were very impressed by the idea. He had sent his name for Inspire Award and after being selected for that he had received Rs. 5000 which he used to make his washing machine.
Darshan explained,”For the washing machine, I bought an old bicycle, a drum, two plates, an iron rod and a mesh, after which all these things fit inside the drum. Later I used this machine to bicycle through the rod.” when asked about how he made the machine.

How The Machine Works

He used this list of accessories to make this machine along with their costs.

  • Old cycle – 350
  • Bearing – 120
  • Plate – 70
  • Mesh – 60
  • File – 250
  • Workshop – 500
  • Drum – 250

He added,”Without running the bicycle pedal, this machine without washing the electricity is washing the cloth, it took one and a half months to complete, the total cost was Rs 1740. In my house now, laundry is done by this machine everyday. Moreover, anyone can run this machine.”

Yet this is a truly amazing story and Darshan’s achievement should inspire many youths to innovate and invent many such amazing machines. Also, have a look at other amazing inventions which will make your life way more easier.