Watch: Sunil Lahri Aka Lakshman Of Ramayan Criticizes Ayodhya Citizens For ‘Betraying’ BJP

Sunil Lahri Slams Ayodhya People

After the BJP lost the seat in Ayodhya, where the Ram Mandir was constructed earlier this year, Sunil Lahri, who portrayed Lakshman in Ramayan, is disappointed. The actor Sunil Lahri, who portrayed Lakshman in Ramanand Sagar’s “Ramayan,” expressed his disappointment with the Lok Sabha election results, citing the BJP’s failure to win a majority. The actor wondered if the BJP’s coalition government with its NDA partners could successfully serve out its entire term in a video address to his supporters. Continue reading to know more about it.


Sunil Lahri Lashes Out On The Ayodhya Citizens

Sunil Lahri Lakshman Ramayan

The recent Lok Sabha elections’ results have had half of the crowd elated and the other half disappointed. Amongst the mixed reactions of people, Sunil Lahri’s reaction to the same can be seen. In Faizabad, the constituency where Ram Mandir was constructed, BJP lost seats. Samajwadi party’s candidate Awadesh Prasad has been chosen by the Ayodhya citizens. BJP candidate Lallu Singh couldn’t earn a seat in the Devnagri which angered Sunil Lahri. Samajwadi Party secured 554289 votes against BJP’s 499722. The former won by 54567. He stated,

“I am very disappointed to see the election results. Firstly, the voting was very low, and then this result. I constantly urged people to vote but no one paid heed. Now, a coalition government will be formed.  But will this government be able to run smoothly for five years? That is something to think about.”

“We have forgotten that residents of Ayodhya had questioned the virtue of Sita after she returned from exile. Even if God himself would appear in front of them, they would reject him. Ayodhya has always betrayed its true king.”

“I salute the greatness of Ayodhya residents. You didn’t even spare Mata Sita, so how could you not betray the ones who took Ram out of a tent and enthroned him in a grand temple? India will never view you kindly.”


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Sunil also shared a post comparing the people of Ayodhya to the Katappa of Bahubali. He called the Ayodhyawasis ‘Swarthi’ meaning selfish.


Sunil Lahri Congratulates Arun Govil And Kangana Ranaut

Sunil Lahri Congratulates Arun Govil Kangana

The actor did express satisfaction, though, two of his top choices had won the majority of their respective constituencies. In the Lok Sabha elections, Arun Govil, who acted as Ram with Mr. Lahri, made his electoral debut. Frequently spotted campaigning in Meerut while holding a portrait of Lord Ram. Sunil Lahri has been seen praising Kangana Ranaut and Arun Govil on their win in the elections. Kangana Ranaut won seats in Mandi and Arun Govil won from Meerut.

“First, Kangana Ranaut, who is the symbol of women empowerment, has won the Mandi seat and secondly, Arun Govil, my elder brother, has won from Meerut. I congratulate both of them,”  He congratulated them both.

What do you think about Sunil Lahri’s reaction? What are your opinions on the recent Lok Sabha results? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Your response is awaited.

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