Air India Launches ‘Fare Lock’ Feature: Lock Ticket Price Now And Book Later; Details Inside

Air India

Are you tired of last-minute fare hikes? Air India has got you covered! Under Tata Group’s ownership, the airline presents an incredible new feature called ‘Fare Lock’. This smart feature permits travelers to lock in their flight fare for 48 hours. Therefore giving you peace of mind and additional opportunity to plan your travel without stressing over unexpected price hikes.


Secure Your Fare For 48 Hours

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With ‘Fare Lock,’ you can lock in your selected fare for a little more additional fee. This ensures your ticket cost won’t change for 48 hours. It’s ideally suited for those flights scheduled at least 10 days ahead of time. Presently, you can finalize your plan without the tension of fluctuating costs or limited seat availability. As the aviation industry is high on competition, it becomes necessary for Air India to launch such features to remain consistent in the industry.


Easy Booking Process

Using the ‘Fare Lock’ feature is a simple task. Particularly pick your desired flight options on Air India’s website or mobile application and select the ‘Fare Lock’ option. Pay a non-refundable fee to get your booking on hold, and deal with your bookings through the ‘Manage Booking’ option later. Complete your booking and payment within the 48-hour window to confirm your booking. Remember, it’s ideal to finalize at least 2 hours before the hold period expires.


Affordable Fee Structure

Air India

Air India’s ‘Fare Lock’ comes at an affordable cost. For domestic flights, the fee is just Rs 500. The feature also enables us to short-haul international flights from India that cost Rs 850, and for long-haul international flights, the fee is Rs 1,500. While the additional fee to avail of this feature and the surcharge are non-refundable and don’t cover extra services, it’s worth it for a genuine case to hold tickets. Several other airlines also provide us with similar functions and features, however, it is only a matter of fee surcharges that are charged from the passengers.


A Step Towards Customer Satisfaction

This innovative approach expects to upgrade consumer satisfaction, particularly after recent setbacks. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has recently released a notification to Air India because of delays in two international flights, which caused critical chaos among travelers. The ‘Fare Lock’ feature denotes a positive step towards regaining customer trust and giving a better travel experience. Air India’s ‘Fare Lock’ is a distinct advantage for travelers. Currently, you can get your trips and plan your journey easily. Therefore avoid the pressure of last-minute fare hikes. Thus, next time you fly Air India, so remember to use the ‘Fare Lock’ feature and travel more conveniently!

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