Toll Charges Increased Upto 5%, Effective From June 3; Details Inside

Toll Charges Increased Across Indiavia

The toll charges across India have been increased from June 3. Officials have reported a 3-5% hike in charges, and it is creating a ruckus among commuters and opposition parties alike.


Toll Charges Hike Details

Fastag Toll Plaza

The toll charges, typically revised annually, were waiting because of the general elections. Presently, with the elections over, the hikes are on the move again. Notices in local newspapers reveal that almost 1,100 toll plazas will implement the new rates beginning Monday. A senior official from the National Highways Authority of India expressed, ” The revision of user fee rates was delayed due to the elections. But now, they will be effective from June 3.”


Why The Hike?

Mumbai-Nagpur Expressway

The hike in toll charges and increased fees, along with the higher taxes on fuel, directly indicates to subsidize the expansion of national highways and road networks. These surcharges had been a long-term strategy and expansion plan to further develop India’s immense roads and highway network, which spans around 146,000 kilometers, making it the second-largest worldwide. The overall motive for this surcharge is to improve the road network across India. Over the last ten years, billions of dollars have been invested in this expansion plan.


Toll Collection Surge

Toll Plaza

To add more, toll charges have seen a significant jump. In the 2022/23 fiscal year, collections took off to more than 540 billion rupees, up from 252 billion in 2018/19. This surge is because of the increase in road traffic and the increased number of toll plazas and charges.


Opposition And Motorists Respond

In any case, not every person is satisfied. Opposition parties and numerous drivers criticize the yearly hike, agreeing that it increases transport costs for essential goods and burdens everyday commuters. These yearly hikes are viewed as beneficial for highway operators like IRB Infrastructure Developers and Ashok Buildcon Ltd., yet they have not been generally welcomed by the general public.

As India’s general political decision wrapped up with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party ready for a major win, this toll charge hike adds one more layer of intricacy to the daily existence of Indians. Whether you’re a day-to-day commuter or an occasional traveler, now is the ideal time to calculate these new cost rates into your travel budget. Lock in for a somewhat more costly ride on India’s roads!

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