US President Joe Biden Falls On Stage Viral Video; Laughs Off The Embarrassing Moment

Joe Biden US President Falls

President Joe Biden fell and lost his balance at the US Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in Colorado. The incident occurred as the President was personally greeting each of the 921 graduating cadets. However, he soon stood up with some help and appeared uninjured.


Here’s What Happened?

Joe Biden Falls

President Biden was caught on video failing to the ground during the graduation ceremony in Colorado. Cadets and Secret Service agents raced to his help.

Following the fall, the President could stand without assistance and appeared to point to a sandbag on the platform. The White House has now stated that the President was not hurt and that the stumble was caused by the presence of a black sandbag near the platform where he was speaking.

Following the event, White House Communications Director Ben LaBolt tweeted to reassure everyone, saying, “He’s fine. While he was shaking hands, there was a sandbag on stage.”

However, this is the fourth time President Biden has publicly stumbled since taking office in January 2021.


Joe Biden’s Response

Joe Biden

On his way back to the White House, President Biden joked with reporters, “I got sandbagged,” making light of the situation.

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also reported that President Biden felt “totally fine.” He was wearing a “big smile” as he boarded the plane.


Criticism Received Joe Biden

Joe Biden Falls

Critics have expressed worries about President Biden’s age and fitness to run for a second term. However, according to recent polls, most US voters share similar concerns, with his old age being a focal point. If re-elected, he would take office at the age of 82.

Other events, like slipping on his bicycle and the most recent one, may add to these worries.

Former President Donald Trump, the leading Republican candidate for the presidential election in 2024, reacted to the incident during a campaign event in Iowa, calling it “crazy.” Trump, who is 76 years old, frequently jokes about Biden’s age. However, he expressed optimism that he was not wounded. Trump noted that such occurrences are not motivating and emphasized the significance of exercising caution.

Meanwhile, during a campaign rally in New Hampshire, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, another potential Republican nominee in 2024, commented on Biden’s fall. He wished Biden a speedy recovery. He also expressed a desire for the United States to recover from the detrimental impact of Biden’s policies.

However, President Biden had his most recent physical test in February. White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor indicated that the President is fit for duty and fulfills his responsibilities without any exceptions. Dr. O’Connor remarked that Biden walked with a “stiffened gait” due to spine wear and tear and nerve damage in his feet, but his condition remained unchanged from November 2021 medical.

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