Watch: Maharashtra Villagers Life Road With Bare Hands To Demonstrate Alleged Contractor Scam

Maharashtra Villagers Lifted Roadvia

One of the most visible duties of government is the construction of roads, buildings, and public goods. Significantly the quality of these items demonstrates how well the government functions in the country. But, unfortunately, many citizens suffer as a result of poor quality public goods. Seeing how badly the government functions, especially after paying high taxes to help the country flourish, is incredibly upsetting. In Maharashtra, one such occurrence exemplified the government’s poor performance, and Maharashtra villagers took matters into their hands.


Maharashtra Villagers Lift Road With Bare Hands

Villagers Lift Road With Bare Hands

Villagers in Jalna, Maharashtra, took matters into their own hands by physically raising a recently constructed road with their bare hands in a spectacular display of persistence and resistance. The viral video of this magnificent performance has shed light on their suspicions of road-building contractor fraud. Furthermore, this event has garnered a lot of attention and serves as a powerful symbol of community cohesion and perseverance.

Locals have long been dissatisfied with the status of their neighborhood’s infrastructure. Their discontent, however, reached its boiling point when corruption suspicions over the road-building project arose.


Maharashtra Villagers Uncover Alleged Fraud By Contractor

The video was published on Twitter by Rohit Sharma, who captioned it, “When Kaleen Bhaiya ventures into Road construction 😂😂 The contractor made a fake road— with carpet as a base!.”

The 38-second video shows a carpet-like substance installed beneath the road by a local contractor. The locals can be heard condemning the local contractor, Rana Thakur. They term the word “bogus” as they clutch the carpet underneath the asphalt.


Details Of The Incident

According to the Free Press Journal, the event happened in Karjat-Hast Pokhari, a taluka in Maharashtra’s Jalna district. Moreover, the road was constructed as part of ‘Prime Minister Gram Sadak Yojana’ (Prime Minister Rural Roads Scheme). According to the publication, the contractor purported to have built the road using German technology.

The commitment, however, was broken when the participants uncovered the temporary solution, as seen in the video. The Maharashtra government was also criticized by the people. According to the Free Press Journal, they want the engineer who authorized the shoddy building punished.

Standard road construction employs a combination of gravel, sand, and compacted soil to increase durability. In contrast, in haste to complete, they sprayed the combination straight into a carpet-like surface.


This Is How The Internet Reacts

The video was tweeted a day ago, and it has received over 13000 views and several comments till the time of writing the article.

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