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We all have heard one urban legend or the other at some point in our lives. These stories usually seem to be far-fetched or exaggerated. What if the stories that we have been told are not stories at all? What if they actually are true? Here is a countdown of 5 creepiest Urban legends that turned out to be true:


1. The body in the wall

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This urban legend says that while renovating a hall, a construction worker breaks down a wall and finds a skeleton looking at him. In 2011, while renovating a bank in Louisiana, workers found the skeleton of Joseph Schexnider who had been missing for 27 years. It is believed that he got stuck in the chimney of the same building while attempting a break-in.


2. The quietly dead guy

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This is the story of a guy who passes out on a bus and everybody leaves him alone assuming him to be sleeping as the bus makes its rounds. The driver checks his body at the end of his shift, only to find out that he is already dead. In 2011, Robert Young and Mark Rubinson arrived at the Geoffrey Gerrard’s house and found him passed out. So they put him on the back seat of their car and went out partying for the night. But Geoffrey was dead at the back seat the entire time.


3. The girl in the shadows

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This story is about a man who always felt being watched in his own house only to find out years later that someone had been living with him all these years. This happened to a Japanese man who used to live by himself. He noticed foods regularly disappearing and things being displaced and decided to set up a camera. He discovered that a homeless woman had been living in his cupboard for an entire year. The most disturbing thing however was that when he watched the tape, the woman was just a couple of feets away in the very cupboard.


4. Dead body in water tank

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This urban legend is about a person who moves to a new house and discovers that the water coming out of the taps is of a weird dark black color only to later discover that those were the remains of a liquefied dead body. In 2013, a hotel in LA had this exact problem. They discovered a liquefying dead body in one of their water tanks after complaints from the guests about strange color of water. It was later found out that the body was of a Canadian student but no one knows how it got up there.


5. Kidney thieves and Ice baths

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This is a story about a guy who is kidnapped and drugged only to wake up later in a bath tub full of ice and with operation scars on his body. Similar thing happened to a construction worker from India, Muhammad Salim. Salim was hired to do a new job but when he arrived at the site, he was kidnapped and drugged. He later woke up on a steel table with one of his kidneys gone. Well, this is definitely not the only isolated incident of its kind.

These are various stories of Urban Legends. There are many horrifying serial killers world has seen. You can read about them here.

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