Typical Types Of College Girls You Can Find In Every College


5. The Debate Queen


These girls are the real dictators. You would be surprised to know what they are in reality. They want the whole class to remain as their puppet. Even when the whole class for a mass bunk, these girls will always oppose from doing so or complain to the teacher. These girls also prove to be useful in some cases. When there is an ambiguity regarding any faculty, any hostel matters or whatever it may be, these dictators will always stay in front and fight for any case. Just like Mamata Banerjee


6. The BBC


Yes, the BBC. These girls will have all the gossip in the world. They are found talking on any topic regarding anyone, may it be their classmate, the Principal, or their crush. Who met an accident, who fought with the Principal, who lied to whom, who is dating whom, or even who have a smile at them, these are all the common topics that become the headlines of their gossips. These girls always roam around with a pack of five to six of their type, the common bond we find between like and unlike charges.


7. The Miss Worlds


Of course, they are popular just because they are gorgeous, they are stunning, they are kind (sometimes) and they have a bunch of boys sniffing behind them like puppies. You will always find them with tall guys, who are commonly known as their bodyguards.You can’t help but like them. But don’t always go trusting them. Some of them might just be some backstabbers.


8. The Tomboys


Tomboys are the ones who always like to present themselves without makeups. They always have a large number of male friends rather than female. They are also very approachable. You can always share something with them. And they won’t even mind which other girls may do. They are also one kind of natural beings. They love nature too much which has made them acquire the title nature freaks.

Vijay Alagar
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