Shikhar Dhawan Showed His Displeasure With Emirates Airlines, His Family Was Stopped At Dubai Airport

Even Kevin Peterson Is A Victim Of Poor Service


Emirates is an airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Although it is known as one of the top airlines still the passengers have to face service issues with this one. New cases of poor services are being reported day after day. This time it was Shikhar Dhawan’s Wife & Kids who faced discomfort with Emirates airlines.


Shikhar Dhawan Was Travelling With Family

Emirates Airlines

Shikhar Dhawan was going to South Africa for the cricket series which will start from 5th January. His was with his family and they need to go through the connecting flight that would take them to Cape Town from Dubai.


Emirates Airlines Stopped Shikhar’s Wife And Kids

Emirates Airlines

While boarding the flight Shikhar Dhawan had to show the birth certificates and other documents. Unfortunately, Shikhar Dhawan did not have those documents. So, his family was stopped at the Dubai Airport and Shikhar Dhawan had to go alone.


Shikhar Showed His Displeasure

Emirates Airlines

After reaching Cape Town, Shikhar Dhawan took to social media to show his displeasure of traveling through Emirates Airlines. He mentioned that he was not informed to bring such documents when he boarded from Mumbai. He wrote,

“Absolutely unprofessional from @emirates. Was on my way 2 SA with my fam & was told that my wife and kids can’t board the flight from Dubai to SA. Was asked to produce birth certificates & other documents for my kids at the airport which we obviously didn’t have at that moment.”

“They are now at Dubai airport waiting for the documents to arrive. Why didn’t @emirates notify about such a situation when we were boarding the plane from Mumbai? One of the Emirates’ employee was being rude for no reason at all”.


Kevin Peterson Also Had To Face Problems

Emirates Airlines

Another case was reported by Kevin Peterson who was traveling with Emirates Airlines. They did not pick his luggage from the Dubai Airport. Hence, Kevin Peterson has to deal with the situation by himself. He wrote on social media that how he would work on International TV if he had no clothes to wear. Peterson Tweeted,

“YOU FORGET TO PICK ME UP FOR MY FLIGHT. 2. YOU’VE JUST LEFT ALL MY LUGGAGE IN DUBAI. How do I work on international TV in a few hours with no clothes?”

“1st Class FULL paying passenger & PLATINUM member”.


This Is How The Twitter Responded

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