Typical Types Of College Girls You Can Find In Every College


A teenager is always more or less accustomed to a college life. There is no denial of the fact that college life itself is such a huge thing, that one who starts discussing the same, cannot find an end to it. And what most of the discussions revolves around is the type of girls in the college. Yes, guys, this thing has always been a trend among the students, and I guarantee you, no other discussion can be as smoking as a discussion regarding college girls. Let me take out some interesting varieties of girls that you will find in college.


1. A Smart One … Yet Dumb

Smart yet dumb college girls

There are college girls who will always stick to books every now and then. You will always find her sitting on the first bench of the class. Might you think they are studious? Maybe they are, but they know only about what is written in the book, you can find them answering every question in the class, but actually a dumb one. Dumb One? Suprised? Yeah, they do not even know how to book an OLA. They least care what is happening outside. Their mind is only limited to the world of books. I think you guys would also have experienced such creatures.


2. The Selfie Queens

Selfie Queen College girl

This thing is one of the most common things that happen in every college or school. In today’s era, the smartphone has become a necessity for a human being. But some people(especially girls) have turned that necessity into an addiction. Every now and then, irrespective of the place(class hours, tiffin time, staircases, washroom, etc.), they always hold their five-point five-inch device above their head and click that magical button (CLICKKKK) to capture their precious, or in some cases, useless moments.


3. The Group Of Three

A group of three college girls

These pack of college girls are those type of girls you will always find hanging out together. And they are rarely seen chatting with other girls. In other words, they are almost inseparable. In many colleges, we also get to see that this pack becomes so connected with each other that they never allow any outsider to come in their group. You will also notice a bench for two people will always be accommodated with these three. How adjustable they are, right?


4. The Make-Up Freaks

Makeup queen college girls

At any time of the day, this type of girls will always keep a proper make-up on their face. These are girls are really horrible. It is also noticed that for attending a class at eleven o clock, they need to wake up at five o clock so that when they enter the class, everyone’s face be locked on them. So, on one side we have girls who wake up early for their studies. On the other hand, we have girls who wake up early in the morning just to show all the students of their class how responsible they feel for their appearance. So, there are the different people.

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