Typical Types Of College Girls You Can Find In Every College


9. The Proper Pieces


These girls always dress up properly before entering the college. These girls are also found to be roaming around with proper-minded people. They try to keep their things in a tidy manner. And above all, they respect their elders, a quality which has become endangered among students.


10. The All-Minglers


These type of girls always engage themselves in any available work. They try to always keep themselves busy. They literally establish a friendly connection with everyone. These girls take part in cultural activities or, if not capable, try to take the control of the management of those activities.


11. First Benchers


There is no surprise that most of the studious girls always want to sit on the first bench and attend every lecture very seriously. They are the one who spoils the plan of mass bunk most of the time. Almost half of the class has a problem with them as they don’t cooperate during mass bunks.


12. Extra Curricular Activities Addict


Most of the girls are very much fond of sports and cultural activities. Any announcement for the sports event or cultural program, they are the first on the list to give their names for the events. Of course, we need these kinds of girls else how will the event take place, right?

So, here are the top varieties of girls that are being listed. And yes, these are so common, that you will find in any other college girls. We need to respect every quality they possess and try to adapt ourselves to their nature. After all it is just a college life. Women aren’t just confined to colleges. Ever wonder what happens between a woman and her mother-in-law daily. Well talk a look at this list and know what these women say to their mother-in-laws to gain their love.

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