10 Things You Should Say To Your Mother-In-Law To Gain Her Love



There is a negative image has been formed of the mother-in-law. Thanks to the daily soap, the mother-in-law has become a subject of hate. However, this is not true; she is just a human being who you can win by love. Hence, we have brought you 10 things that you should say to your mother-in-law.


1. Tell Her That You Respect Her


This is arguably a better line than “I Love you”. If you say you respect her, there is no chance that she would doubt it. Not only say it, just show respect to her.


2. Tell Her How Important She It


Each woman likes to make her importance felt. You just cannot ignore your mother in law.


3. Tell Her That Your Parents Would Always Be Important


If you watch daily soap, you would be aware about the situation when your in-laws face problems with your parents. However, it is just a rare case so you need to tell her how close you are to your mother.


4. Tell Her That What Her Son Is To You


You should tell why you love her son. Be reasonable and just show her that you will take care of her son just as she does. Let her feel that you are the best choice that her son made.


5. Thank Her For Giving You Her Son- The Best Gift


She does deserve thanks as her son is the best choice of your life. Isn’t he? This “thank” will make her understand your love for her son.


6. There Are Flaws In Me But I Will Eliminate Them


Admit it, nobody is perfect. So put your ego aside and accept your flaws. Not only accept them just work towards improvement.


7. You Are Lucky To Have Her As Your Mother In Law


This will take some time. Whenever you find the appropriate situation just tell her how much you were worried before the marriage but after the marriage it was her who helped you all the time. So show your gratitude.


8. Tell Her That You Are Not A Replacement For Her


Of course, you are not there to compete against your mother in law. Do not be prejudiced about your mother-in-law just by watching the daily soap.


9. Tell Her That You Won’t Disappoint Her


You need to assure her that you would mix in her the family and the adaptation will take some time but you will manage.


10. That You Have To Learn A Lot From Her


Perhaps you are perfect and you do not need any guidance from anyone. But, you should be asking guidance from her as she is more experienced one.

What do you say? Start thanking your mother-in-law as you cannot overlook her. Keep her happy and love her as “love begets love”. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Ravi Dabas
the authorRavi Dabas
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