These 10 Sure Shot Tricks To Boost Memory Power, You Definitely Find It Worth

Memory Power

It is very common, you study hard for the exam, but at the time of giving exam, you forget the answer. What happens, when you try to remember important data such as passwords, mobile numbers, and particular address? At the main moment, you fail to recollect the information. It increases, your dependency on gadgets and time of execution of the task.

To avoid this absent mindedness and increase your performance in academics and daily life; here are some tricks to Boost Memory Power.

1. Exercise

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Daily exercises increase your blood circulation in the body. It boosts up the memory cells and refreshes the mind. Refreshed mind always made easy to remember things easily.


2. Sound Sleep

Memory Powervia

It is difficult to remember things when you feel sleepy or tired, so one should get a sound sleep. When you have a sound sleep you feel fresh and brain grasps the things quickly.


3. Chunking

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Chunking is the method of memorization, in which long and complex information is broken down into smaller and easier to remember ‘chunks.’ It is one of the oldest methods of memorization.


4. Rhyming


Songs are easier to recite, aren’t they? We engage children in nursery rhymes to remember the things and informing, the things to them. The same thing happens with the adults as well, the information in the form of rhyme is easier to remember.


5. Acronyms


We all know how to remember the colors of the rainbow, right? Roy G Biv which collectively tells us the colors in the rainbow, mainly in a sequential manner. This technique is called acronyms, which is an invented combination of the words to be memorized. Every symbol in the acronyms represents mental hint for another word.


6. Repetition


If you know how to use repetition to recall the information effectively, it can be best memory method for memorization. Our brain recalls the information more easily with the repetition.


7. Visualization


When you see a word B-U-S, the image of BUS comes in mind, not the letters B-U-S. Visualization is the technique, in which the mind visualize the image of the object. As the concrete image is much easier to recollect than the raw information.

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8. Link Method


We never forget the incident happen with us and the information related to us. In the linking method, you have to convert an abstract data to object and try to make a picture of it in your mind. It used to remember the long list.


9. Learn By Mistake


While doing any task if you make a mistake, you have to correct it. In such case our brain gives more attention in details where we made the mistake. At that time, brain get more alert and save us from making mistake again.


10. Practice


You may learn all the techniques of memorization, but if you did not practice them you easily forget them. Practice and patience are the most important technique for memory improvement.

All these memory techniques are to boost your memory power. However, for the enhancement of the memory, you need to practice daily with dedication and patience. If you have more memorizing techniques do share with us.

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