Flunk at School ? Here is a list of foods to help you boost memory

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Healthy food to boost up concentration level and memory.

The market for memory boosting supplements market may be as vast as that of beauty enhancement aids. Memory beds that can adjust with individual contour are becoming popular. But so far a single dose for memory boost or for that matter to improve concentration level has become a reality. Hitler became the advocate for vegetarian foods claiming that was the secret of his focus. Let us analyse few healthy and nutritious foods that can help to attain better memory and focus



Doctors prescribe chocolate for patients who cannot eat properly. Chocolate is concentrated with nutrients. The dark chocolate with at least 70 % coco content without the usual sugar and cream is ideal. After all, cocoa is Theobroma cacao -Food of the Gods! But the bad news is that cocoa production is diminishing alarmingly world over.


Consuming dark chocolate one in a week is recommended for better brain function.


Whole Grains

The carbohydrates seem to have lost the past glory as a new breed of doctors are suggesting to cut short same. However, carbohydrates in the right quantity are a must for enhanced concentration level. And different types of carbohydrates are the must for health. The germinated seeds are also recommended.


Carbohydrates can be the best fuel for your brain, and if you feed your mind with the good amount of carbs throughout the day, you will notice an improvement in your focus. Carbohydrates are part of humanity for time immemorial.



The caffeine in the coffee is the natural way to keep the concentration level. Even though addictive, judicial use of coffee can help the recollection and memory faculty intact.


 The quality of coffee varies widely with geographical locations



One of the rare fruits that resemble the brain is walnut. It is in the ‘God’s pharmacy list’ as well. Walnut can help to reduce distraction.

Besides walnut is the ideal solution to curb the age-related memory loss problems.



Right from the black berry, blueberry and cherry, berries come in a variety of names and families. Berries are the natural solution for declining memory and treating Alzheimer’s.


The chemical in berries called anthocyanin is a unique solution for building concentration levels.



Rich with Choline and Vitamins, Broccoli is a great vegetable to establish and maintain the neurological functions. The popularity of Broccoli is on the rise due to the health benefit.


Broccoli contains some nutrients such as choline and vitamin K that can help improve your memory.

You are what you eat. Eat healthy, Stay Healthy and avoid bad food habits

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