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These Food Items You Love Are Actually Slowly Killing You


This is not good news for foodies. But on the other hand, it is actually for your health and safety. Beware of what goes on your platter, not all of it is nutritious! Few of the food items you love to have can actually kill you slowly.


1. Chinese Food

Chinese food

If you don’t want a drastic increase in your appetite—we all know where that leads don’t we—then it’s time to think outside the takeaway box because Chinese delicacies are laced with the notorious flavor enhancer Monosodium Glutamate, which is also found in soups and processed meats. Chinese takeaway doesn’t sound like such a delicious idea now does it?


2. Fried Food (French Fries And Fried Chicken)

Fried food

Did you know that anything cooked in hydrogenated oils and carries trans fats is an avid contributor to your state of depression? Tasty they are for sure, but the next time you’re feeling a little bit depressed, think back to your yummy deep-fried consumption.


3. Diet Colas

Diet colas

This one is probably one of the biggest deceptions of the 21st century. Yes, they may be low in sugar but look at all that other stuff like BPA that is linked to obesity, and BVO that is used for ROCKET fuel. I would stay well away from these if I were you.


4. Cereals


Do you want to die slow? Then you’d better watch out for the breakfast cereal that passes off as a ‘healthy breakfast option‘ coz it’s actually laden with nothing but sugary syrup.


5. Sugar Coated Candy

Sugar coated candy

Do you sense your kid has an attention deficit of sorts? It could have something to do with the candies you’ve been stuffing them up with to please them. Not only do they promote Attention Deficit Disorder in children, but they also clog the arteries with fat!  So wise up… from where I’m standing, candy is a definite NO!

Everything I like ends up killing me.

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