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Wedding In The Air Around 600 Feet Up

Marriage Wedding In The Mid Of The Air Around 600 Feet UpMarriage Wedding In The Mid Of The Air Around 600 Feet Up


What ? surprise Are You Kidding Me ? Heard about Marriage at Sea Shore, Marriage at Airplane even heard about Marriage at Ship, but Marriage in the air. Is it some kind of a joke ? So let me tell you, its real.

Yes, you read it right smiley

Marriage at 600 feet up!!

Both bride and bridegroom including priest were hanged in the mid air.

Total Marriage cost Rs. 50,000

Jaideep Jadhav, a mountaineer and pharma marketer, and his bride Reshma Patil, preparing for her Indian Administrative Service competitive exams, married in a unique fashion in the Western Ghats.


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Mr Jadhav and Reshma were both attired in traditional Maharashtrian wedding dress and tied onto tough double nylon-fiber ropes with supports.

Then they were slowly eased on to the “marriage venue” in the middle of the valley with a direct 600-foot drop below just before the 1 p.m. marriage ‘muhurat’ (auspicious time).

The wedding ceremony was performed mid-air in the valley between the 3,000-feet tall peaks of Vishalgadh and Panhala, around 15 km from the base village Bhattali

35-year-old professional priest Suraj Dholi joined them mid-air, recited the wedding mantras via cordless microphone and completed all the rituals.




Jaideep tied the “mangalsutra” around Reshma’s neck, and both exchanged garlands, all while hanging in space.

The marriage was declared as solemnized after a few minutes.

The crowds roared their blessings across the valley, clapped and cheered the newly-wedded couple.



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