Do You Know Women’s Traditional Indian Dresses Of These 9 States?

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6. Haryana


Haryana women wear a ‘Damaan’, an ankle-length skirt, “Kurti” a waist-length shirt and ‘Chunder’ which is a long piece of cloth that the women use to cover their heads.


7. Gujarat


Gujarati women wear ‘chaniya’ which is a colorful petticoat usually embroidered with glasswork, an embroidered blouse called ‘choli’ or ‘polku’ along with ‘odhani’, a cloth covering the body and the head from the back.


8. Kerala


Kerala women wear a type of sari called mundum neriyathum. It consists of two pieces of cloth. Mundu is a one-piece cloth draped on the lower part of the body while neriyathu is the world over a blouse and could be worn in either the traditional style with the neriyathum tucked inside the blouse or in the modern style with the neriyathum worn over the left shoulder.


9. Punjab


The Punjabi traditional costume, Phulkari has a unique kind of embroidery made up of brilliant colors and attractive patterns.

There are various Indian tribes that have their own culture and tradition. These days both girls and boys imbibed western culture in dressing and in every way possible. However, during festival time and at weddings you can see women in traditional clothes.

Do you know any other state traditional dress? Share us in the comments.

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