9 Kinds Of Annoying People You Will Find At The Movie Theatre

Annoying people at movie theatres



Went to see "Transformers" today? And that guy beside you was behaving all mess, talking on phone, munching the corn and so on. Felt like a disaster? Cheer up, because such things are not uncommon. Some people will never mend their ways. These annoying people forget they are not at home, and spoil the time of others as well. And we bet, this is not the first time, neither the last. Here are some spoilsports in the theater hall who are enough to piss off your mind anytime, anywhere


1. The Smartphone Lover

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Yeah we know how much you love your smartphone. But movie theaters are no place to love, atleast not with your smartphone. Some people don't understand and continue their romance with their phones even inside the movie theaters. And that display light severely distracts everybody's mind, trying to sneak peek in your phone. Further irritating is the fact that many don't even decrease their brightness of their phones. And some are too stubborn to keep their handsets inside, even after being said to do so. They will fight, punch or throw their coke at you, but no, not the phone. Terrible!


2. The Enquiry Guy

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Been with a guy who is constantly in doubt whether in class or about his life. Well, usually you would such an experience a nightmare. "Why this?", "Why that?” It's quite obvious that "Why Katappa killed Bahubali?" is the blessing of such guys. And the best part, it's not even difficult to answer them. It's pretty impossible. Again, money drained.


3. Over Reactors


"That's a ghost!", "That's a mouse!", "See there, a human being!" These people will scream, laugh and get shocked at literally everything that happens in the movie. Creating unwanted nuisance is their job, and they do it quite well. Splashing corn and coke headed straight towards you? Looks like it's the wrong place you chose, must have gone for a roller coaster ride, isn't it?


4. Late Comers

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Finally, it's the climax scene. And it's all going be revealed. But wait, what's that, a black shadow, that was not in the plot. And then you realize that some late comer is standing in front of you, blocking you way to screen and searching for his seat. Such guys are usually more annoying in other ways as well. So be ready to refund you ticket.


5. Crying Baby

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Baby nuisance or baby shit. Whatever you want to call it, but it's too annoying. The noise in the first and smell in the latter. And the noise is so loud, nobody in the theater can listen to a single word in the movie. And then, either the mom or dad has to take the baby out for a walk. Sometimes it's so annoying, seems like to insure the movie ticket and just leave.


6. Love Is In The Theater

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And then that couple, the most common sight in the corners of a movie theater. And as soon as the light goes dim, the girl starts to unbutton her man, trying to get some action. And here you are, single and trying to enjoy the movie but just can't. Your heart says- "Ignore the movie, watch this thing first". Your mind tells you to book some hotel for them. And your wallet meanwhile going through some pretty hard times, having saved money from weeks to watch this movie. Though it's become quite a daily sight, the interest never seems to fade down. Salute to spirit of adventurism.


7. The Critic


Never ever go to a movie with these guys. We bet you are not going to enjoy it. Rather than watching the movie, this one will fill your mind with the criticism of the film. And the review is usually on the lower side. So, beware!


8. Chatter Box

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First the idiot box, now the chatter box. They can't have enough of anything, and once started, it's impossible to stop him. And if he is your manager, better good luck. And the worst part, you will have to listen to such chatter boxes, no matter what.


9. Lazy Guys

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These people are quite hard working, or maybe the other way around. But whatever it is, they enter the movie hall, sit on their seat, and sleep till the end of their movie, thus wasting their money. They are not necessarily annoying, except when they are snoring. Of-course.

So, have you met any such spoilsport in the past few days? Or you know someone who is one of the above. Tag them and spread the word.

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