This Cop Running After Seeing Tiny Rat Makes You Laugh

Tiny RatTiny Rat


Everyone is afraid of something. Some are afraid of lizards where as some are afraid of cockroaches which happens mostly with girls.

But a well-built cop running after seeing tiny rat is making several people laugh out loudly. It’s the cop reaction that sounds so funny.

This video is been circulating online which shows the exact moment a policeman comes face to face with a teeny-tiny rat and freaks out. It is the footage from a CCTV camera at the St Petersburg Police Department, Florida.

It shows the officer finishing up some work and casually strolling down a corridor at the police department. Suddenly, a rat comes dashing into the corridor, as if it were charging straight towards the officer. However, the rat runs into one of the rooms but the cop searches to know where it went.

Observe the cop's reaction.

Watch out and try not to laugh:




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