Woman Chops Off Her Long Hair. The Reason Brings You Tears Also Enrages You

Domestic ViolenceDomestic Violence


Without a woman, man is nothing. Man comes into world through a woman. A woman sacrifices her family, friends, habits and everything happily once she gets married. In return what man gives to her, love or torture?

The real domestic violence cases are not getting reported. For the sake of family honor and children's future women remains calm for years together. According to a 2014 BBC report, a woman is a victim of domestic violence once every five minutes in India.

How many years passes, it is very difficult subject. Bangladeshi hair Oil Company has produced a hard-hitting to encourage people to talk about domestic violence and support women who often suffer in silence.

The video has been watched over 4 million times in just 48 hours on Facebook and people praised the message behind the campaign.

In the video, a woman with long beautiful hair walks into a salon and asks them to be cut short. The hairdresser gives her a trim but the woman still wants her hair shorter. The stylist hesitantly chops off the length. With a stoic look on her face, woman asks her to cut the hair even shorter but this time, she breaks down and confesses why she wants her hair to be chopped off.

Watch this heart touching video to find out the reason



The ad received many reactions throughout the world.


“Prophet Muhammad s said:" the best among people is the one who is best to his wife." Whoso takes care of a daughter he will be United in Jannah with me like this (thereby he showed his 2 fingers united). Paradise lies at the feet of Mother”, said a user on Facebook.


 "Women don't have to and shouldn't tolerate violence at all. Its high time we publicly shun, create a India wide list and shame the men who see violence against women as a matter of their rights", said another.


"Heart touching & impactful. Would definitely encourage the victims to stand up for their dignity & speak", said another.


" YES! voicing yourself against violence and cruelty is the first step towards stopping it!", another joined the chorus.


“If a man does this to you. Then do the same. Treat him equally. Its time that women start beating men. Only then they will realize”, said another.


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