Kashmir’s 21-Year-Old Ayesha Is Going to Become The First Indian Woman To Fly MIG-29

First Indian Woman Fly MIG-29First Indian Woman Fly MIG-29


Nothing can let you down if you have so high goals and if you strive hard continuously for it.

The same happened with the young Muslim girl who is the India’s youngest student pilot.

Ayesha Aziz, 21-year-old Kashmir girl was given a student pilot license by the prestigious Bombay Flying Club when she was just 16. At 18, she became a member of Indian Women Pilots Association, besides holding the Flight Radio Telephone Operator’s License (FRTOL). She will now be flying her first commercial passenger plane.

In 2012, she completed a two-month advanced space training course at NASA. She was among the three Indians chosen. Her inspiration is Indian-origin astronaut Sunita Williams. Now, she plans to fly a MIG-29 fighter jet at Russia's Sokul airbase.


"I want to reach the edge of space, for which we are talking terms with the Russian agency to fly the MIG-29 ", Ayesha said.


"So, that is going to be the next expedition – to fly the MIG-29 fighter jet," she added


Credits Her Success To Her Father




Ayesha's mother belongs to the Baramulla district in Jammu and Kashmir while her father is from Mumbai in Maharashtra.


Ayesha, the daughter of a Worli-based businessman, Abdul Aziz said, “I have always believed that knowledge and enquiry are keys to human progress. If my child had a dream which was achievable, I had to be part of the process and see that she realized this dream.”




"I am proud of her achievements. We want her to go higher and higher. She is my idol and she motives me, ", said Areeb Lokhandwala, Ayesha's brother.


“I got fascinated by pilots. As I grew up, my fascination only increased and I finally landed up at Bombay Flying Club,” Ayesha Aziz said.


Ayesha’s Punching Reply To Negative Commenters




She commented about the negative attitude of the people who posed questions like “A Muslim girl without hijab, not a perfect profession for a Kashmiri girl” for Ayesha Aziz after the news of her becoming India’s youngest pilot turn her into a viral sensation.


“If the Prophet’s wife Hazrat Ayesha could ride a camel in a battle, why can’t I fly an aircraft? We have to change our attitude and do justice to girls,” said Aziz. She further added, “Women must be allowed to come out of their comfort zone and take up more challenging careers than just becoming teachers, doctors or stay as housewives even if they are educated.”


She said, “There are 11.3% women pilots in India against just 3% globally. But there is a lot of scope for more women to join this challenging profession.”

"My message for Kashmiri girls would be to chase their dreams, to not let anything let them down, have goals in your life and achieve them", said Ayesha.


You are truly an inspiration to many girls. All the best for all your future endeavors.

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