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Check Out These Most Shocking Matches In The History Of FIFA World Cup

The Underdogs Knocked Out The Big Egos

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The FIFA World Cup 2018 tournament is in the progress and the national teams are colliding against each other to reach for the ultimate trophy. This year we saw many matches where the results were unexpected. Moreover, we saw the big egos getting knocked out of the group stage and the reason behind that is some underdog teams. The defending champion Germany is also out of the race of world cup. Let us take a look at some of the most Shocking match-results in the FIFA World cup history.


1. USA VS England (1950)

Shocking World Cup Match results

Back in 1950, the English football team was among the football giants. While the USA football team encompasses part-time players and was the underdog in the contest. But the match ended with Shocking match-results. The USA beat England by 1-0.


2. North Korea VS Italy (1966)

Shocking World Cup Match results

Everyone knew that North Korea could not find success in the 1966 world cup. However, they did something that everyone remembers even today. They delivered shocking match- results and got a clean sheet win over Italy.


3. Senegal VS France (2002)

Shocking World Cup Match results

During the 2002 World cup, the defending champions, France was the favorite to win the contest between Senegal vs France. However, everyone was shocked when Papa Bouba scored a goal and make the score 1-0 for Senegal. The African country defended the lead and handed a surprising loss to France.

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